What Home Security System is Best for You?

Hard Wired Home Security SystemsTo help you decide on what home security system is right for you it is important to ask several questions.

     1. Do you have an existing security system in your home?

     2. Is your home pre-wired for home security?

     3. Do you have Internet and/or home phone service?

If you have an existing security system in your home, it is definitely worth firguring out if the equipment you have is worth using. Schedule a free home security review to have a professional security consultant come out to see what kind of alarm system you have and what your options are. With ADT monitroing service, we will give you $850 in free equipment upgrades to your existing system.

If you home is pre-wired for a home security system, then you will need to install a hard wired security system. The hard wired security system we will install for you is "Hybrid" meaning it can communicate with hard wired security equipment or wireless security equipment. Using the wires ran throughout your home will save you money and the pre-wired infastructure will last for many years. Because today's hard wired systems are "Hybrid", you will have the option to add any additional wireless or hard wired security equipment. Schedule to have one of our Security Consultants come out to evaluate the security pre-wire and help you figure out what options are best for you.

Many homeowners no longer have traditional home phone service. If you do not have home phone service or are thinking of eliminating it, you will need to have a cellular security system installed. Over 80% of the wireless and hard wired security systems we install communicate to the ADT Central Station Network via cellular communication. You will need Internet service to be able to integrate ADT Pulse Cameras and home automation including thermostat control, lighting control and automated door locks.






Is a Wireless or Hard Wired Home Security System Better?

ADT Wireless Home Security Systems
Most of the security systems installed today are wireless security systems. The reason for this is because most homes are not pre-wired for a security system. To retrofit security wiring after the construction phase of a home is very costly and the potential damage from using 6 foot drill bits is not something most homeowners want to deal with. If you are building a home it is very nice to have it pre-wired for security.

So, if you do not have security wiring in your home, your best option for home security is most often a wireless security system. If your home is pre-wired for a security system or you have an existing hard wired security system, then have us install a hard wired security system or upgrade your existing system.

Many customers confuse "wireless" security systems with "cellular" security systems. A "wireless" security system is an alarm system that communicates to wireless security devices like door sensors, motion sensors and key chain remotes. A "wireless" security system can send emergency signals to the ADT Central Station Network via a traditional phone line or with cellular communication. What a "wireless" security system can not do is communicate to hard wired security devices. Also, it is important to understand that hard wired security systems can send emergency signals to the ADT Central Station Network via a traditional phone line or with cellular communication and can communicate to both wireless and hard wired security equipment.  


Additional Information about Home Security Systems