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ADT's FREE Canopy App with Chaperon is Security on the Go.

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Mon,Oct 20,2014 @ 01:23 PM

ADT's Canopy App is simply brilliant! It's a must have for any family, college student, single parent... well anyone! When the company that protects 100's of United States airports, most of the Fortune 500 companies, countless Federal Buildings and over 6.5 million American households creates a mobile security app, it's an app you need. Not to mention that it's free and you don't necessarily have to have an ADT home security system to use it. ADT's Canopy App is protection you carry in your back pocket. 


ADT Canopy is Private Security and Social Networking

ADT Canopy with Chaperon Personal SecurityADT Canopy is a personal security app, it's personal protection using your mobile device, and it's the only app of it's kind. Although you hopefully aren't in danger 24/7, we all know that we should do things like pay attention to our surroundings at all times. Here's an app that engages you and your loved ones in some everyday safe practices and you also have fun features that you'll find practical for daily use.

Mom wants to (and should) know where the kids are at all times. Kids, teens, young professionals, even senior citizens want to find and connect with their friends quickly. Then you have other circles you connect with, like people in your group projects at work or college, your fantasy football league or your Friday night bingo group. Circles keep everyone just a click away. ADT Canopy is awareness, security, and peace of mind – all in one app. 


ADT Canopy with Chaperone Is Your Portable Security Network

Here are the basic functions:

  • Security Screen - Tapping "Start Alarm" sounds an audible alarm and blinks the lights on your camera to scare away would be trouble. "Call 911" initiates a call to 911 with one button... not four!  "Send Alert" automatically alerts your circles of your exact location, that you are in danger and turns your pin red on their screen. Contacts in turn can tap your red pin, tap directions and be on the way to help.
  • Call Chaperon - Tapping "Call Chaperone" in your security screen will connect you to a live ADT agent to accompany you whenever you are alone and don't want to be. You'll have a virtual companion as you walk in a dark garage, a deserted area or across campus. Your virtual Chaperon is with you and can alert the authorities, direct you to emergency service like a hospital or connect you to 911. In the case of grave concerns, your Chaperone has your exact location to send help.
  • Contacts - You create circles, usually starting with family, then maybe school friends, bowling league, the sky is the limit. There are even temporary circles for cases like a short-term project or a semester abroad. Manage your contacts with a couple clicks.
  • Home Screen - Your main screen is a map showing where your contacts are. Click on a contact and you get the options to make a one tap phone call, text or activate driving directions straight to them.
  • Shout Out Icon - Tapping the Shout Out icon brings up a log of all check-ins and messages sent in your circle. Quickly locate your roommate, get the update that Mom is stuck at work and dinner's your problem tonight or send a quick message to say you you've got the hot fudge for ice cream sundae night.
  • Check In - Tapping the Check In icon alerts circle members where you are and that you are safe. Have Dad check in at dialysis so you know when to pick him up or you can check in at the library so that everyone leaves you alone. Have older kids take Canopy and Chaperone for extra protection on a night out or for special occasions like Halloween safety.
  • Layers Button - Tapping the layers button centers you on the map and highlights nearby police, medical service and more...
Community safety using social media can have a lot to do with the steps that each citizen in that community takes to be a little safer. Having an app that reinforces some simple steps save lives.

ADT Canopy and Chaperone for Everyday Convenience and Security

ADT Canopy is for everyone. This isn't an app for teens or just parents, everyone has their own circles and will connect with their circles differently. Take a look at some of the daily uses:

  • Some kids might prefer pressing Check-in over having to answer a call from mommy in front of their friends. Avoid the “where are you?” and keep your cool image, just tap “Check-in.”
  • Click on your teenager's pin and get instant directions to pick her up. No more writing down the address and fumbling with GPS.
  • Connect with your sales team or other field technicians and find out who is close and has the material (or part) you need now.
  • Check your home page to find an office mate to grab coffee.
  • Find the nearest hospital or police departments when traveling.
  • Know who is close in an emergency situation or to just go grab a late night drink and chat.
  • Quickly check circles and see that Dad hasn't left work yet, the kids are where they said they'd be, and who you can bribe to come fix your flat tire.
  • One Alert tells multiple people that you are in danger. Use as a medical alert system to alert that you need help.
  • Tell Dad and the rest of the family that Mom forgot you at soccer practice... again.
  • Pause location sharing for a little "me" time. Each user can turn location sharing on or off at any time, a great feature for Christmas shopping.

The uses are endless when you can click and know who is near a store or who's already in for the night. An important uses from the previous version of this app was to reconnect families after real world emergencies like the Japanese tsunami in March 2011 and devastating floods and tornadoes that hit the United States in May 2011.

With the holiday season upon us, Chaperone's agents make a perfect companion for your after work shopping and festivities. Better yet, use the locater to find your friends who are out shopping too. Know where your loved ones are as holiday parties become weekly events.  And when you head to your car and realize that in all the fun, you've accidentally had one too many, locate a near by friend and get a safe ride home. Make ADT Canopy part of your holiday safety plan.

Enjoy a FREE TRIAL of the chaperon feature and take the unrivaled peace of mind from the top  security company right along with you – day or night. It's part social media, part personal security, but all awesome! Download Today.


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