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ADT Command and Control Are Getting Fantastic Reviews

Posted by Greg Barker on Thu,Apr 25,2019 @ 02:09 PM

Security Pro Group President, David Loetz Sr, just got back from the ISC Show 2019 in Las Vegas. It was great to hear his review about ADT Command and Control. He said, "...that ADT, with the new ADT Command panel and had the most innovative products and cutting-edge security technology at the entire show." Keep in mind, products from around the world are presented at this show to security professionals and integrators from around the country. 

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ADT Command is Your Best Smart Home Security System

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Apr 23,2019 @ 11:53 AM

ADT Command Platform is the New Smart Home 

When it comes to smart home security, ADT Command has set the new bar for a single integrated platform that controls all your home security devices, life safety, video products and home automation. This is a complete and comprehensive solution to all your smart home needs. It is also professionally installed and ready for your mobile devices with ADT Control App. Imagine, all your smart home needs on one App. NICE!

Below is an update on what security and life safety devices are now available and what is coming down the road. This product information came from Honeywell Home - Resideo. This list does not include the security video products or home automation devices now available. 


ADT Command Full Line of Products


  • Single platform: Learn One, Know All
  • Modular design factory or field installable devices
  • Common Security, Life Safety, and Lifestyle peripherals and accessories across the platform (1- way RF and HW to RF converter modules available)
  • Secure, encrypted 2-way sensors with over the air firmware upgrade capability
  • Dual path communications: LTE Cellular (AT&T and Verizon options) + IP / Ethernet
  • Remote diagnostics, local and remote programming, over the air system update and upgrade capable
  • UL Residential Burg and Fire, UL Commercial Burg
  • Multi-partition support
  • Security + Smart Home Ready: Full ecosystem of Video, Voice and Mobile solutions



ADT Command - Key Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive ADT design language and proprietary panel

  • Common User Interfaces for ease of End User use

  • Embedded End User “how to” videos in multiple languages

  • Built-in Amazon Alexa

  • End user replaceable cell radios

  • Provide comfort and reassurance to homeowners with two-way voice verification

    Simplified Maintenance of ADT Command Devices

    • Remote configuration changes and future enhancements

    • End user replaceable batteries

    • Battery status of all devices to know which to replace

    • System health information, battery life, signal strength


ADT Command Touchpads and Touchscreen


ADT 7" Wireless Touchscreen with Optional Mounting


Basic Configuration

  • Integrated “Kickstand”
  • Power cord with molded plug (micro USB) into touchscreen charging port 












Optional Wall Mount

  • Wall Plate for Power
  • LED indicator when touchscreen is removed
  • Power Supply with terminals
  • Installer supplies standard 2-conductor in-wall cable









Optional Docking Charging Station

  • Desk stand charging station
  • Uses power cord supplied with "Basic configuration"
  • LED indicator when touchscreen is charging





ADT SiX Sensors with Two-way Encrypted Wireless Peripherals


Currently Available Six Sensors

  • Door/Window Contact SIXCTA
  • Motion Detector - SIXPIRA
  • Glassbreak Detector - SIXGBA
  • Keyfob - SIXFOBA
  • Shock Sensor - SIXSHOCKA
  • Indoor Siren - SIXSIRENA
  • Combo Smoke, CO, Heat Detector - SIXCOMBOA
  • Smoke Detector - SIXSMOKEA
  • Wired to Wireless Convertor - SIXC2WA



Coming on May 14 - Now Approved by ADT


  • Panic Button (2-button) - SIXPANICA
  • Medical Emergency (1-button) -SIXMEDICALA
  • Outdoor Siren - SIXSIREN-ODA
  • Flood Detector - SIXFLOODA
  • Temperature Sensor - SIXTEMPA





What's next for ADT Command? Command Release 2

These updates and releases are expected to happen in June/July

  • 5” AIO Panel
  • New ADT User Interface
  • Updated Chime Feature
  • Enhanced Installation Experience - Shorter Installation Time

 Additional Enhancements

  • Improved 2-way Voice Operation
  • 7” Touchscreen adds Alexa and 2-Way Voice Support
  • Updated Panel Battery Test
  • Additional 1-way Wireless Devices Supported on the ADTCONVERT Module


The good stuff... just keeps getting better. I was fortunate to recently visit the ADT Technology Lab in Florida and the engineers are very excited about the performance of these ADT Command devices. Thousands of these ADT Command and Control systems have been installed and it is going very smoothly for a nationwide launch of a new product line. It is actually amazing how few problems ADT has had with this new platform. This has been one of the most successful launches of a new security platform ADT has ever experienced. And you can be very excited about how reliable.... and robust your ADT smart home security options are for your home and family. The future is now!

The above product information was provide by Honeywell Home - Resideo. They provide all the security and life safety devices for ADT Command. ADT security video options and home automation products are provided by other manufacturers . 



For more information or to get a quote for ADT Command Security Platform...

Call today 1-800-310-9490 


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ADT Command and Control the New Standard in Smart Home Security

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Jan 23,2019 @ 11:21 PM

ADT once again sets the standard for home security with their new ADT Command and Control panel. This system is absolutely amazing and when you see the specifications of the panel you realize just how special it is. This ADT Command security system was just showcased at CES 2019 and is setting the bar for the smart home security systems of the future. 

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ADT Command and Control App... the Smart Home Security System You've Been Dreaming About

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Jan 16,2019 @ 03:09 PM

When you are in the home technology business, you Dream about the possibilities of what a smart homes could do... Dream about a single platform that would make it incredibly easy for all homeowners to control their smart devices... Dream about one App that would manage it all... not ten different Apps... and Dream about someone else setting the whole thing up for you. 

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ADT Command Creates a Splash at the CES 2019

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Jan 09,2019 @ 08:28 AM

Last night I was watching the Golden State Warriors game and Klay Thompson was on fire. He and Curry are know as the Splash Brothers and in yesterday's game against the Knicks, Thompson drained 43 points. He had some incredible rainbow threes from the corner for some large splashes. Yesterday in Las Vegas, ADT Security unveiled ADT Command and Control Smart Home Security System panel and created a splash of their own. The ADT Command Panel and ADT Control App are now the new standard by which all smart security systems will be measured. Let's check out what people are saying.

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