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ADT Free Home Security Review and On-site Evaluation

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Nov 05,2013 @ 03:52 PM

ADT Customer Service

Your home security solution and complete satisfaction starts with scheduling a free home security review with your Customer Care Representative.




We are often asked, why does ADT Security Pro have such high level of customer quality scores and customer reviews compared to other security companies? It starts with the fact that we care about our customers and after installing over 70,000 ADT Monitored Security Systems we understand what it takes to please our customers.

Many of us are so busy that we try to do things quickly and often take shortcuts to save time. Skipping an on-site home security review and trying to buy a home security system over the phone often leads to dissatisfied customers.

We have found that when our customers have a Security Consultant come out to their home for a free home security evaluation before they decide to invest in home security, they end up being very happy with the results. It is often very difficult over the phone to understand all your security options before scheduling an installation. At the installation, customers who purchased over the phone end up realizing they did not completely understand what they were getting. They end up adding on additional expenses they were not prepared for at the time of installation because they did not understand their options.

Many security companies that only sell over the phone do not go over all the security options they offer customers at the time of the order. It is just hard to design a custom security solution over the phone. Without being at your home it is hard to help you design the right security system that meets your family's individual needs. We find some ADT dealers do not go over ADT Pulse features and benefits until the technician arrives to do the installation. Although we occasionally help people order their security system over the phone, we definitely explain the benefits of scheduling a free home security review and having a professional Security Consultant help you custom design a security system that is right for your family, home and budget. 





ADT Home Security System Review Steps


ADT Home Security ReviewStep 1 

Schedule Your Home Security Review and meet your professional ADT Security Consultant. 

Your Security Consultant will be a local representative who understands the security needs of the area you live in. They help you by going over all your security options and answering all your questions. Your Security Consultant will also be able to honor any ADT coupons or online offers you have. 


ADT Home Security EvaluationStep 2

Do a walk through of your home to design the right home security solution for your family

After finding out what your personal security needs are, your Security Consultant will do a walk through of your home with you. Together you will design the security system you want and can afford. Your Security Consultant will also give you home safety tips to help you create a more secure home and give you the protection you desire for your home and family. 


ADT Home Security Product DemonstrationStep 3

Home Security Product Demonstration

After the walk through, you will be given a product demonstration and be able to see a live ADT Pulse demo of our most popular security system. You will also be given a brief overview of basic alarm commands and how to operate your security system. You will have the opportunity to get all of your security equipment questions answered by your Security Consultant.


Choose Your ADT Monitoring ServiceStep 4

Choose Your ADT Monitoring Service Package

After you have designed the security system you want, your Security Consultant will help you understand the different monitoring services options so you can choose what one is best for you.


ADT Home Security InstallationStep 5

Schedule Your ADT Home Security Installation

Your Security Consultant will schedule your installation at a time that is convenient for you and your family. You will typically be able to schedule your installation within a day or two and we do have evening and weekend installations available.




Call 1-800-310-9490 to schedule your free home security review today. 



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