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3 Ways to Think Like a Burglar and Deter One

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Tue,May 23,2017 @ 07:02 AM

3 Ways to Think Like a Burglar and Deter One.jpegAs a burglary survivor, I realize most people will think about what material items a burglar will take if you come up a statistic. They will think about a place to keep valuable that aren't out in the open. For many women, the jewelry in a top drawer. Yes, it's not a secret, not even to thieves. (Let's find a better place ladies.)What most people don’t realize is that a thief takes away your peace. They take the place where you come home to relax, lay your head down and feel safe, and momentarily shatter that.

This is the point where many turn to home security. While home security is one of the best steps you can take to deter and prevent break-ins, knowing how a burglar thinks will help you best protect your home, and your loved ones.

Here are 3 things ole Burglar Bob is looking for:

  • Ease of access

  • Vacant properties

  • Temptations

Don’t do things to temp Burglar Bob.


Ease of access. Don't provide it!

Statistics vary on the percentage of folks that leave for work, a trip to the supermarket or a quick jog and leave the door unlocked. All percentages hover above 35% of Americans saying that they do this often. Most burglars are looking for what’s called a crime of opportunity. So Burglar Bob is walking up the street and Friendly Frida walks out her front door. Friendly Frida always says hi and Bob can’t help but notice she just pulled the door shut behind her. She did not turn back around and lock anything with a key. What does he have to lose by hanging out a few moments and seeing if the door isn’t locked at all. Even if the bottom lock is locked, one kick and that little piece of wood that holds the lower lock from letting the door open will splinter into 1000 little warning signs that the door has been kicked in. That’s what Frida will return home to

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When leaving your home or turning in for the night, lock the deadbolts, close all the windows and arm your security system. The above article covers many quick and inexpensive ways to fortify a door and keep even a determined burglar out.

Vacant Properties:

Vacant properties are a burglar’s dream. As an employee of an alarm company, I get the calls.

  • “I just put my house on the market and moved the appliances in last week and someone stole them all and vandalized the property.” - Yes! people actually steal LARGE appliances.

  • “This is a vacation home and we live in another state, we have a problem with squatters.”

  • “A relative passed away and we are fixing up the house to put it on the market and we keep having people break-in.”

 Once the neighborhood squatters, the local thief or someone casing the neighborhood see a vacant home, it’s high on the list of great targets.

If you own a vacant property, you want to assure that steps are taken to make it look occupied. Take a look at this article for steps to make a vacant home look occupied. Something as simple as asking a neighbor to park in your driveway can give the illusion that an empty home actually has activity going on in it.

Temptations. Let your ADT Home Security Sign be the only thing they see when checking out your property. 

When it comes to burglars, there is a lot signs that look like a written invitation to a thief. Here’s the top 3:

  • Big empty boxes by the trash or at the curb advertising the brand new Sony 4K television you just bought. And when they steal the first one, beware, the average home replaces a stolen large ticket item within 30 days of a theft. Five finger Phil will have no problem returning for your second one. After all, he already know the layout of your home. Unfortunately, this applies to any larger or more expensive items you purchase and then advertise by way of an empty box out for the trash pick-up. Keep this in mind after Christmas, make sure only your Christmas list gets lots of items checked off on it. 

  • Open blinds. The weather has finally become nice again and you want to let all the sun in. Just make sure that when you leave the house, the curtains or blinds are closed. A clear view of a home lets a burglar “window shop” your home. A nice audio set up, a couple laptops sitting out. A big purse sitting right next to the door, these are all items that are easy to liquidate on the streets. Your home just became “worth the risk” in a burglar's mind.

  • Social Media announcements. As excited as you might be for your first cruise to the Big Island, before your trip is not the time to share with friends on social media. Many thieves have taken to social media. When you type, “This will be the best 2 weeks of my life!!!(*_*) ” They are thinking, “mine too!!!”  You’ve probably planned and waited for this vacation for a while, wait a bit more until you’re home to post the beautiful pictures of you thousands of miles from home.

 A big part of staying safe is being wise. In the same way you wouldn’t leave a steak on the counter and expect your dog t o use self-control while you run the kids to school, don’t let a week of mail pile up and think no one is watching. A security system is a fantastic deterrent. But thief who can peek through an open window and see a laptop bag right beside the unbolted door knows he can kick the door in and grab it in 5 seconds and run like the wind. And your Facebook says your whole family is in Aruba. It’s now worth risking the attention of a screaming alarm because he’s almost promised a payout. Check out this article for more ways to secure a home. 


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