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Burglar Alarms

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,May 01,2012 @ 10:57 AM

Burglar Alarms are Important to Your Families Safety  

In the Home Alarm Security Business we typically install security systems for two kinds of people, new homeowners and victims of recent burglaries. You may live in a great neighborhood but you never know if you might fall victim to a breaking and entering. Most of the burglary and home invasion victims we install burglar alarms for never thought it would happen to them.

Burglar alarms will protect your family from the potential of having a burglar invade your home, destroy and take your property and worse yet potentially harm those you love. The cost of having a burglar alarm installed is so minimal and you have great peace of mind knowing you have protected what matters most... your family!


Burglar Alarms Provide Multiple Layers of Protection

adt_sign.jpgBurglar alarms that are well designed have multiple layers of protection designed to protect your home and family. It is also important to consider whether you are more concerned about protecting your home when you are away, at home or both. Check out the layers of protection below to help you create a burglar alarm that is right for you.

Protection Layers of Burglar Alarms

  1. Yard Sign and Window Decals
  • These are the first line of defense and 90% of convicted burglars agree they will simply pass a home with a burglar alarm
  • Siren
  • Over 70% of burglars take off if they try to break in and an audible alarm siren sounds. You can install indoor and outdoor sirens.
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Door and window sensors provide protection and detect when a armed door or window is opened. It is most important to make sure all your exterior doors are protected with a sensor because most burglaries involve a door.
  • Glass break sensors detect if one of your windows or glass doors has been broken. Need a glass break sensor for every room you want glass break protection for.
  • Interior Protection
  • Motion sensors provide protection on the interior and create a trap zone. Normally they are installed in a hallway or stairway to create a trap zone for a burglar headed to the master bedroom where most people have their valuables.
  • Panic Buttons
  • Police emergency buttons on your burglar alarm keypad and also on your key-chain remotes provide additional protection to call for help when you need it most. Burglar alarms also provide you with a duress or ambush/hostage panic code.

Once your burglar alarm detects a burglary, your burglar alarm will connect to the Alarm Monitoring Station and a Central Station Operator will help you by dispatching the local police department and notifying your emergency contacts. One of the best safety features of a burglar alarm is that you will be called on your cell phone in an alarm event so you will not come home to a burglary in progress. This prevents you from entering into a very dangerous situation.

If you would like help choosing from various types of burglar alarms to decide what is the best solution for your California home alarm call 1-800-310-9490. We also provide free home security reviews where one of our security professionals will come to your home to give you a free home evaluation and help you with your home security options. 



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