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Posted by Greg Barker on Mon,Nov 05,2012 @ 03:19 PM is a fantastic website for ADT customers. As an ADT customer you can view and pay your bill online, manage your emergency contacts, view alarm activity, print certificate for insurance and order ADT yard signs.

You can login to from the California Security Pro's Customer Login page at anytime. Click the Customer Login courtesy link on the top right hand corner of the website. MyADT also has a mobile version for your smart phone device. The first time you login, you'll need to hit the "Sign Up in Less Than 60 Seconds" See the app's demo video here. blue call to action button to setup your ADT online account. Once you setup your account you will be able to login with the email and a password you just created. MyADT is a super easy way to make changes to your ADT account. It is quick and painless.

There is also seperate customer login for ADT Pulse customers. This logs you into your personalized ADT web portal whichs gives you the Remote Interactive Services of ADT Pulse.

The above screen shot is the customer login page of MyADT. The main pages once you login are your Overview, My Account and My Alarm. The mobile version of the MyADT Website is quite easy to navigate as well. You'll enjoy just how easy it is to make changes to your ADT account online from your computer or mobile devices.


Your Overview Page of MyADT

The overview page gives you a quick look at your MyADT account and includes:

  • Your profile
  • Your billing and payment options
  • Location information including ADT account number and address
  • Type of system you have and links to user manuals and system demo
  • Contact numbers of your emergency contacts
  • Your ADT verbal password
  • And recent alarm activity
  • A section for customer FAQs

Each of the above sections of the overview include a "Manage" button which gives you a quick link to go to that area of the MyADT website to edit your information.


My Account Page of MyADT

The main sections of the My Account tab:

  • My Locations which includes premises address, primary contact number, notifications email address and billing address if different form premises address
  • My Web Profile is your name, login email, MyADT password and your security question for MyADT login.
  • Order Equipment allows you to order new ADT Yard Signs and ADT Window Decals. It also has a quick link to get your Certificate for your ADT Monitored Security System Installation for your Insurance Company
  • Billing changes and payments online

There are also some Quick Links to:

  • Manage alarm contacts
  • Edit phone number
  • FAQs
  • User Manuals
  • Training Videos


My Alarm Page of MyADT

The main sections of the My Alarm page:

  • Contacts and Passwords lets you change emergency contact information and verbal passwords. You can have different verbal passwords per user. 
  • System Management which gives you an ability to place your system on a temporary No Response to test your security system. You should test your ADT monitored security system every 30 days. 
  • Alarm Activity gives you a description of recent activity.
  • Training by providing Security System User Manuals and product demos.


MyADT Mobile Website Version

This website version of MyADT is very user friendly. It's easy to look at your entire ADT account on your smart phone and make any changes you would like to make on the go.

Everything listed above for the computer version of is available on the mobile version. Whether you would like to change your emergency contacts, pay your bill, view alarm activity, change your ADT verbal passwords, order a new ADT sign or get a Certificate for your Insurance company, you can do all this online from your computer or smart phone. It's makes managing your ADT account so easy and puts you in control of changes anytime.



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