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ADT Keypad One Touch Command Buttons

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Jul 04,2023 @ 10:55 PM

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We install the esthetically pleasing and easy to use ADT COMMAND security keypad used for ADT Monitored Security Systems. This ADT keypad has a sleek and contemporary look that projects a modern feel and at the same time, blends into your home decor. One of the nicest things about the DSC security keypads is the large one-touch command and icon keypad buttons. The one-touch buttons make the ADT Monitored Security Systems easy to understand, view and operate.

The police, medical and fire panic buttons are also very easy to use. Everyone in the family, including small children, can be taught to press the panic buttons. The panic emergency signals are sent straight to the ADT Operator who will immediately call the local authorities. It is a good idea to when teaching your children how to use the security panic buttons to practice. Call ADT to put the system in a temporary test mode. Once in test mode you can press the panic buttons and hear the various different sounds and sirens of police, medical and fire emergencies.

Also take this time to have a plan for the whole family in emergency situations. Including a place you will all meet in a fire emergency, like across the street under the large oak tree. Include a plan for escaping from bedroom windows in case hallways are filled with smoke and flames.

Let's take a look at some of the functions of a security system keypad and the basic alarm commands of an ADT Monitored Security System.


ADT Keypad Basic Alarm System Commands

The below are one-touch buttons for the basic commands of your ADT Monitored Security System ADT COMMAND:


Stay Arm secures the perimeter of the home and allows home owner to still move freely inside. Door, window and glass break sensors are all armed in STAY MODE.


Away Arm allows you to protection the home when no one is present.  Door, window, glass break and motion sensors are armed in AWAY MODE.



The Bypass function allows homeowner to arm the alarm system with a door or window open; useful when owner is home and decides to open a window to let in some fresh air.



The Chime function notifies you through distinctive sounds when the doors and windows are opened and closed. Especially great for families with small children. The chime function works when the security system is unarmed. Press the one touch Chime button to turn on the Chime Mode, press again to turn chime mode off.



The Quick Exit function allows the homeowner to open any designated entry/exit zone one time.  Very useful when someone leaves early in the morning when the rest of the family is still sleeping, to check the mailbox or let the dog out. 

One other commonly used feature is No Delay. This allows you to can arm the security system with "No Delay" to no longer have the entry/exit zone delay. Most often used when everyone is in for the night and headed for bed. You arm your system to Stay or Away and then hit *9 to arm to "No Delay". To learn more about the different ways to arm your security system visit our blog Four Ways to Arm Your ADT Home Security System.


ADT Keypad Emergency Panic Buttons

Your ADT Monitored Security System is a life safety system and provides protection in police, medical and fire emergencies. You can also use a duress code to help you in an ambush hostage situation. Here are the different types of emergency panics:

Police Panic Emergency

Pressing the Panic key on the keypad immediately notifies the monitoring station in the event of distress. Use this when you need police assistance. You can also use your security system keychain remotes to help in police emergencies. The ADT keychain remote has a panic button and can be use throughout the home and in the yard (within 75-100ft of the security control panel) to get help in panic situations. 


Medical Emergency

Triggering the Medical/Auxiliary key immediately transmits an emergency signal to the monitoring station informing them of your medical emergency. With ADT's Two-Way Voice monitoring you can talk hands free to the ADT Operator from anywhere in your home, while attending to the medical needs of your family member. Relay information to the ADT Operator who will be able to tell the Paramedics on the way. This feature is one of the life saving benefits of an ADT Monitored Security System.


Fire Emergency

Activating the Fire key immediately sounds the siren, warning everyone inside, and transmits a signal to the ADT monitoring center network notifying them of the fire. The ADT Operator will instantaniously call your local fire department. Help in on the way!!!


Ambush Hostage Duress Code

One of the most dangerous home emergencies is an ambush hostage situation. If you are ever in an ambush hostage situation it is vitally important to have an ability to get help. With an ADT Monitored Security System you have an ability to use a duress code to let ADT know you need immediate police dispatch.

An example: If you arrived home and before you could enter your home, a burglar came up behind you and held you at gun point telling you to go inside. Upon entering, your alarm starts beeping letting you know you need to disarm it. The burglar is going to obviously ask you to turn if off and "no funny stuff". Instead of pressing your normal four digit code to disarm your system you, you enter you four digit duress code. By pressing the duress code the system appears to be disarmed, however, the system will send ADT Central Station an ambush/hostage panic signal. This creates the highest priority of alarm police dispatch.


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