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The Future of ADT Security is ADT Pulse

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Jun 19,2013 @ 12:44 PM

ADT Pulse iPhone with Front Door Camera ViewADT Pulse home and small business security systems are becoming the new standard for security and home automation. ADT has been the leader of the monitored security industry for years with currently 6.4 million monitored customers. It makes sense that ADT will be the leader in bringing the home automation features of home security to the marketplace. 

Six month's ago about 20% of our customers (California Security Pro) where getting ADT Pulse monitored security systems installed. In June, 50% of the our customers are now getting ADT Pulse installed. About 80% of our ADT Pulse customers are getting Pulse Level 1 which includes remote security interactive services and the other 20% are adding video monitoring (Pulse Level 2) and/or home automation with thermostat and lighting control (Pulse Level 3). Monthly monitoring rates for ADT Pulse start as low as $49.99 and go up to $60.99. Because ADT Pulse is so affordable, we believe that soon almost all of our customers will get ADT Pulse especially when they understand all the added benefits they will receive. 


What Matter's Most - The ADT Corporation 2012 Annual Report

When reading the ADT Corporation 2012 Annual Report it shows that what matters most to ADT is ADT Pulse and the future of Pulse's Remote Interactive Services. Let's take a look a some of the Annual Report as it pertains to ADT Pulse.

Portion of letter written to shareholders by Naren Gursahaney, Chief Executive Officer

"Two years ago, we achieved an industry first by integrating home automation features with electronic security systems and bringing them to the mass market nationwide through ADT Pulse. Today, Pulse customers use ADT to monitor and manage their premises from their smart-phones and laptops-looking in on live video feeds, adjusting thermostats, locking and unlocking doors, turning on or off lights and even controlling basic home appliances. As an industry leader, we must keep pace with the evolving consumer technology landscape and continue to develop next-generation systems for homes and businesses. This requires us to strengthen our already compelling value proposition; offer options to personalize out systems to each customer's needs; and design intuitive products and services that are easy and fun to interact with.

Through ADT Pulse, we will broaden our service offerings, move further into energy management and, ultimately, integrate with entertainment and home health care solutions. While many companies will compete to become the integrated provider of services for a connected home, ADT already possesses several advantages in accomplishing this: a connection with devices and equipment already in many homes, an open architecture software platform that lets us continually introduce new features and devices, an expanding network of partners and our trusted reputation for service."

Innovation - ADT Pulse the Platform of Growth for ADT

Section of Annual Report about the future innovation of ADT 

"As the Market leader, it is our responsibility to harvest innovations at the forefront of the rapidly changing consumer technology landscape and push the boundaries of the security industry. As CEO Naren Gursahaney asserts, “ADT is not just a burglar alarm company anymore. We are a technology company.”

ADT has pioneered the security industry throughout its 138-year history. In the early 1900s, ADT embraced the call box for watchmen to transmit signals to an ADT district office where police, doctors, or firefighters could be notified, In the 1940s came automatic fire detections and intrusion systems and home ultrasonic burglar alarm. Four decades later, the company introduced security technology for businesses and a computer based security system. In 2001, ADT broke through with a web-enabled home security system and, three years later, launched a home health security system."


"In 2010, ADT launched ADT Pulse, the first home and business automation platform available for the mass market nationwide. Today, Pulse customers across the U.S and Canada are able to adjust thermostats and lighting, lock and unlock doors and view real-time video from security cameras, all from their smart-phone, laptop or tablet."

A decade ago, futuristic, technology-enabled smart homes were featured in sci-fi movies and profiles of the rich and famous. Today, connected homes are absolutely a reality, and more affordable than you might realize. Security will always be at the core of ADT's business. But with our home and business automation solution, ADT Pulse, you can now be protected and connected."


"ADT Pulse will serve as the platform for growth for ADT, broadening its services to include energy management, entertainment and health care. For example, today the ADT Companion Service Emergency Response System gives customers and caregivers access to help at the push of a button, 24 hours a day.

Ultimately, we envision a future in which ADT Pulse customers will get an alert as a reminder to take their medication, and customers and their caregivers can monitor health information in real time as part of their single integrated panel on the kitchen counter."


ADT Pulse - More Than Just Security

ADT Pulse handles more than just security for your home or business. By using its automation features, customers can save time and money and make their lives easier.

  • Arm and disarm your security system almost anywhere
  • Lock or unlock doors

  • Adjust and turn lights on or off

  • Manage thermostat and temperature control

  • Turn appliances on or off

  • Do a live video “look in” to check on your home or business


                          …...all from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.





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