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ADT Home Security Systems in Sacramento CA - Winter 2014

Posted by Ayeshia Faiz on Mon,Jan 12,2015 @ 08:03 AM

ADT home security systems in sacramento caThe holidays are over and it's the new year in the the city of Sacramento. To start the year off right, there are many fun and exciting events to enjoy. As always Sacramento has things going on for singles, couples and families as well. Like the I Hate Children Children's Show that is happening January 10th at Laughs Unlimited, where both you and the entire family will enjoy some laughs and according to "Magician Paul Nathan, winner of Best Children's Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, combines dry humor with tricks that keep kids entranced and parents smiling." Sounds like a winner to me! Now, for something that everyone with or without children can rave about... The Shen Yun Performing Arts! Now I have seen the ads, billboards and commercials for this event but haven't had the pleasure of attending one. However, I have heard that it is spectacular! And once again, according to, "Shen Yun takes you on an extraordinary journey to the lost land of the ancient Middle Kingdom." Very intriguing! This event will take place January 13th and 14th at the Community Center Theater.

Now to be able to experience all of what Sacramento has to offer, you have to be confident that your home and belongings are safe. You will feel a huge sense of relief when you arm your Sacramento home with an ADT Home Security System. If you don't see the importance of an ADT security system, you can check Sacramento crime just so that you are aware of recent burglaries and home invasions and be able to prevent a nightmare from becoming a statistic.

To ensure even better safety of your home and belongings you can invest in an ADT Pulse security system. You will have the freedom to go out as often as you'd like, as far as you'd like and as long as you'd like because you can monitor your home right from the palm of your hand. There's so much you can do when you download the ADT Pulse app, from arming/disarming, seeing video footage and even controlling the lighting and thermostat. Now, if people are rushing you to hurry and leave the house and you forget to arm the system, no worries because with ADT Pulse you can arm/disarm it while you are away.

If you're still hesitant about a home security system, just schedule your free home security review and see what it takes to get secured and how affordable it really is! What's even more convenient is that in most cases we can have your home security system installed within 48 hours from the time that your ADT Sacramento Security Consultant meets with you.


ADT Pulse Security Systems- Popular Choice of Sacramento Residents and Businesses

With the increase in crime and the increase in technology, we can certainly use one to hopefully diminish the other. With an ADT Pulse system, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that you can leave your home physically but never virtually. It is user friendly, convenient and better yet, affordable. Just take a look below to see what local Sacramento residents are saying.

ADT customer reviews about ADT Pulse from Sacramento homeowners:

"The only peace of mind is have ADT. I can monitor my home while out of the country - and I can take it with me anywhere or give to family members if I sell and move. I wish I had done this before - but life will go on and I will come to understand the treasures were stuck in the safe as it is not safe to wear that type of jewelry out anywhere today. I wish I could have given the gold bracelets to my grand daughters and two gold railroad clocks to my grandsons."

Linda W., Sacramento, CA

"I recently purchased a house, wanted strong security and am always looking for a great deal. So I remembered a good friend Lance Quevillon whom just happened to be in the business and contacted him for his expertise. Not only did he have an answer for every question I had but also made me consider things about security I would have never thought of. We talked on a Friday, he showed up Monday. Even though we went to high school together, he remained extremely professional addressing the needs of my family with extreme detail. The installation was scheduled, completed and system has worked flawlessly. I would recommend Lance and California Security Pro for anyone whom doesn't have a security system yet. The monitoring system has brought an overwhelming level of security to our home and peace of mind to my family. Please contact him, he will meet your needs."

Scott P., Roseville, CA 

With the constant crime and especially the increase in home invasions, it is extremely important that for those who get an ADT Pulse system to also invest in ADT cameras. You are able to monitor your home by viewing 30 second video clips right from your smartphone.  

To find out more or have a Security Consultant give you a live demonstration on other ADT Pulse features, schedule your free home security evaluation. In addition, you'll find out why California Security Pro is one of the top security companies in Sacramento and what benefits you'll have by going with a local security company.


Recent Sacramento Crime Activity Sacramento Woman Arrested on Burglary and Elder Abuse Charges

The apartment complex staff discovered that an unidentified young woman was going into  apartments in the middle of the night while the elderly residents were home asleep, and stealing cash, bank cards, jewelry and prescription medication.  At least one resident's stolen bank card was used to make fraudulent purchases. (Read more...) Woman Fatally Shot Outside Bar in El Dorado Hills

A woman was shot and killed outside an El Dorado Hills bar and restaurant last night by a robber who then fled in her vehicle. (Read more...)

Between June 2013 and June 2014, robberies and home invasions have increased, leaving residents to worry even when they are at home. Robberies and home invasions are by far the worst because it means that the suspect is not afraid to be confronted, therefore making these types of criminals very dangerous and aggressive.

On the other hand, car burglaries and home burglaries crimes have dropped between May 2013-May 2014, BUT fires have been increasing both in Sacramento county and surrounding counties, according to There's nothing more horrible than watching your home and personal belongings go down in flames and all those memories turning into ashes. It shouldn't be hard to see the importance of a reliable smoke and heat detector because one could ultimately save your life. Ask your local Sacramento Security Consultant about an ADT smoke and heat detector and its many benefits.

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