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Upgrade to ADT Pulse: Include Cameras and Home Automation

Posted by Greg Barker on Sat,Apr 08,2017 @ 10:07 AM

Upgrade Your Existing Monitored ADT Home Security System with Cameras and Home AutomationADT Pulse cameras and home automation are becoming very popular. We have current ADT customers calling daily to find out how they can upgrade to ADT Pulse. With the ADT Pulse App giving customers the ability to remotely control their security systems, door locks, thermostats, lighting and garage door, many customers want this new technology in their homes. So if you currently have ADT security monitoring service and do not have cameras or home automation, how do you order the upgrades and have them installed?

To add cameras and home automation devices some customers will need to upgrade their security system panel. If your security system is Pulse ready, you will just need to have the Pulse Gateway Hub or an iCloud Link added to enable you to connect the cameras and home automation equipment. The Hub uses your Internet to connect to the "cloud" so your home automation equipment can be controlled remotely from your mobile devices. 

The cost of an ADT upgrade depends upon what equipment you need and how long you have been a customer. You will also need to upgrade your monitoring service to Pulse Level III to have cameras and home automation added.


Receive Free ADT Upgrade with Our Customer Loyalty Program 

If you have been a customer of ADT for more than 24 months and do not have cameras or home automation as part of your service you maybe eligible for free upgrades to your existing security system. You will need to work with the ADT dealer that installed your security system originally or ADT direct. If you were originally installed by California Security Pro, we have a customer loyalty program that gives our customers around $700 of free upgrades to their existing system. The upgrades include, an indoor camera, an outdoor camera and a lamp module, The Pulse gateway interface that connects your security system cameras and home automation devices to the cloud is also included in the free equipment upgrade package.

You may also add any additional cameras or home automation devices like door locks, thermostat control, lighting control, a garage door controller at discounted pricing. To receive the free equipment you will need to sign an agreement for ADT Pulse Level III monitoring service for a minimum of two years in California. Other states require a three year service agreement to receive free equipment when customers upgrade to Pulse Level III.

If you've been an ADT customer for less than 24 months, you still have the ability to get an ADT Pulse upgrade to Pulse Level III at any time. You will need to upgrade your monitoring service to Pulse level III and purchase any equipment you would like installed.


You Already Have Pulse Level Three with Cameras and Home Automation and Want to Add More Devices

For customers that have been with us for 24 months and already have Pulse Level III monitoring service with cameras and/or home automation, you may upgrade your system to add additional cameras or home automation devices at anytime. You may call the dealer that installed your security system or work with ADT corporate directly to order your upgrades to be installed. Since you already received free equipment in your original package, you will not be eligible for more free equipment but you will receive discounts on retail prices. You also have the opportunity to add any ADT Pulse Level III items to your current system by ordering the part and installing it yourself. For do-it-yourself homeowners, this can be a great option to save money and build a robust security and home automation system overtime.


If you would like to find out more information about our customer loyalty program and your ability to upgrade your existing ADT security system...

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