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San Jose Police Department Verified Response Protocol for Home Alarms

Posted by Greg Barker on Mon,Jan 30,2012 @ 05:09 PM

Verified Response Protocol Information

San Jose Police Department's Alarm Verified Response Protocol

San Jose has made the decision to not respond to unverified alarms and the policy change occured on January 1, 2012. While this will result in fewer police responses to reports of alarms, police will continue to respond to panic and robbery alarms.

The Department will also respond to “verified” alarms.

Verification may come in the form of sound, video, or eyewitness accounts that indicate a crime is occurring and thereby constituting a “verified” response. To learn more visit the San Jose Police Department's website to read  San Jose Police Department Verified Response Protocol.


San Jose Police Department Reduce Alarm Response

Due to the false alarms the San Jose Police Department has experienced it will no longer responsed to unverified alarms. Standard alarm systems do not have audio verification and often users make mistakes and create false alarms. In fact, the San Jose Police Department found that 98% of the alarm events they responded to were false alarms.

THE PROBLEM: Many of the standard home alarms installed send a signal to an alarm central station when the alarm is tripped. Most often, alarms are triggered due to user error. When the central station tries to reach the homeowner on the phone to verify whether it is a false alarm, the homeowner often misses the call because they already left the home or because the alarm siren is sounding and they can't hear the phone call. The alarm central station then attempts to call the homeowners cell phone but if they don't answer, the alarm company calls the local Police Department to response. In San Jose, the police department will no longer response.

You need to get an ADT Audio Verified Security System installed so the San Jose Police Department will repond to your alarm.

Continued crime issues in san Jose


ADT Audio Verified Security System

THE SOLUTION: One of the most cost effective ways to verify an alarm event that meets the San Jose Police Department's Verified Response Protocol is to have an ADT Two-Way Voice Audio Verification System installed. Order your ADT Home Security System with ADT's SecurityLink Alarm Monitoring Service and you will be assured your alarm will be audio verified and that the San Jose Police Department will respond to your home alarm.

An ADT Two-way Voice Audio Verification Security System with SecurityLink Monitoring provides you with speakerphone connection to ADT when an alarm is received by ADT Central Station Network. This allows for "sound" verification of your alarm event and voice communication during police, medical and fire emergencies.

To schedule a free security review of your home or to order an ADT Security System that meets San Jose Police Department Verified Response Protocol call us at 1-800-310-9490.

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