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ADT Home Security Audio Verification with Two-Way Voice Communication

Posted by Greg Barker on Thu,Mar 10,2011 @ 09:47 AM

ADT Monitoring Station Two Way Voice Speaker ComunicationADT’s SecurityLink monitoring service provides you with speaker phone connection to ADT when an alarm is received by ADT’s Monitoring Station, allowing for voice communication during an emergency event.

Three valuable reasons for having Two-Way Voice Communication in an alarm event: 



Audio Verification of Your Home Alarm Emergency

First, quicker police response in burglary situations. With two-way voice communication ADT will be able to voice challenge a burglar, “we’ve detected intrusion what is your pass code.”  When the burglar can not give a password the operator will be able to tell the thief over the security system to LEAVE THE PREMISIES IMMEDIATELY and the THE POLICE ARE BEING DISPATCHED.  If the burglar dares to continue running through the home, when the central station operator calls the local police department with a audio verified alarm event the priority of the police dispatch is significantly higher than with an unverified alarm. With two-way voice audio verification you ensure a much higher priority response from your local police department.

Reduce False Alarms

Second, reduce your false alarms. Two-way voice communication helps reduce false alarms because if you accidentally set off your alarm the central station will ask you for your password over the speaker phone of the security system.  You can simply hands free from anywhere in the home talk to the operator and give them your password. Most all false alarms are due to user error.  Two-way voice communication will help you reduce the chances of you creating a false alarm.  Some police departments like Fremont, CA are requiring voice or video verification before they’ll respond to an alarm.

Personal Emergency Response: Police, Medical and Fire 

Lastly, it’s like having your own 911 service. In police, medical and fire emergencies the central station operator will be able to communicate to you in the event of any emergency.  Don’t worry about getting a busy signal, being placed on hold, answering multiple question to a 911 operator.  Instead, simply press the panic emergency button on your keypad, press the panic on your key-chain remote or medical panic, or have your monitored smoke/heat detector sense fire in your home and you’ll be directly connected and speaking to the central station operator.  The ADT operator will then dispatch the police department, fire department or paramedics depending upon the nature of your emergency and stay connected with you until help arrives.  You can freely move throughout your home and communicate to ADT hands free while attending to the needs of your family in the event of an emergency.

ADT’s SecurityLink two-way voice communication gives family’s additional peace of mind in alarm events and assists them in home emergency situations.  It’s comforting knowing an ADT operator will be communicating with you until the police department, fire department or paramedics arrive.  This enhanced service is typically around $5 more a month above the standard service but is far worth it.

If you have any questions or need additional information please call 1-800-310-9490.



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