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False Alarm Prevention Checklist to help Reduce False Alarms

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Feb 15,2012 @ 10:20 AM

Reduce False Alarms

Reduce False Alarms with False Alarm Reduction Checklist

No one wants to cause the police or fire department to respond to a false alarm and experience the embarrassment. Most false alarms are due to user error and can be prevented. Many home security systems today have verified audio response which also helps to reduce false alarms. Some police departments are requiring homeowners to have a verified response security system or they will not respond to an unverified alarm.

How can you prevent false alarms? Use the checklist below for some helpful ways to help you reduce false alarms. 




False Alarm Prevention Checklist: 12 Tips

  1. All users of the system (such as residents, employees, guests, cleaning people and repair people) are trained on the proper use of the security system and its operation.
  2. Make sure all users understand the time of the entry delay and the exit delay that is programed for your system.
  3. Make sure all users know how to cancel an accidental alarm and have the cancellation code or code word.
  4. Get training in the operation of the system at the time of installation and use the security system operating manual or user guide.
  5. Have Enhanced Call Verication setup properly. Make sure the secondary contact  on your emergency contact list is available. May be wise to have multiple people (husband and wife) called to verify an alarm before the monitoring center dispatches police.
  6. Have Alarm Monitoring Center phone number entered into your phone so you will know when the monitoring station is calling you.
  7. Keep your emergency contact information updated and immediately advise alarm company if your phone number changes.
  8. Have the phone number to call monitoring center in case you cause a false alarm.
  9. Test your alarm system once a month.
  10. Understand the limitations of your pet immune motion sensors and the size of pet that would trigger a potential false alarm.
  11. Repair loose fitting doors and windows that have alarm contacts.
  12. One of the most effective ways to help reduce false alarms is to get an audio verification security system installed in your home.

False Alarm Reduction helps You Avoid False Alarm Fees

With city budgets tighting in recent years, police departments are starting to charge residents for false alarms. it is important to register your alarm with your city and get an alarm permit if required. In many cities residents who have registered or have alarm permits are given serveral false alarms per year with no fees or there is a reduced fee for homeowners with alarm permits issued by the city police department.

Obviously, the most important way to avoid false alarm fees is to not create false alarms. I believe for many false alarm reduction can be helped by having a verified response security system installed with ADT SecurityLink Monitoring.

Another way to verify alarm events is to have video surveillance that allows you to see your home from a smartphone or computer via the internet. You can visually see if it is a true emergency based on the video and personally decide whether you want the police dispatched based on the visual evidence you see.

Since many false alarms are due to the user not properly arming or disarming their security system, a simple solution can be using a keychain remote to arm and disarm your system. This eliminates the need to punch in a pass code on your keypad and makes your home security system as easy to use as your car alarm.

For addtional information on ways to reduce false alarms call 1-800-310-9490.



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