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ADT Monthly Fee for Home Alarm Monitoring Service

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Mar 07,2012 @ 01:38 PM

Choose the ADT Monthly Fee that is Right for Your Budget and Security Needs

ADT Monthly Fee and ADT Monthly Cost

The ADT monthly fee widely varies depending upon the monitoring service plan that gives you the level of service you desire. Most ADT customers end up bundling several monthly monitoring options together to receive discounted packages and reduce the ADT monthly costCheck out our ADT Monthly Fee Pricing Guide to choose your discounted package!



MOST POPULAR - ADT Pulse for $49.99



The ADT Monthly Fee for Residential Monitoring Options are as Follows:

  1. Standard Burglary Monitoring - $33.99

  2. Keyfob, Fire or Carbon Monoxide Monitoring - $3.00

  3. SecurityLink - Two Way Voice Monitoring - $8.00

  4. Cellullar Monitoring (no home phone service required) - $12.00

  5. ADT Pulse with Smartphone Interactive Solutions   $49.99 -$60.99


Our cellular discounted bundled package is Bundle GSM which includes:

  1. Burglary Monitoring - $33.99

  2. Added Keyfob, Fire or Carbon Monoxide Monitoring - $3.00

  3. SecurityLink - Two Way Voice Monitoring - $8.00

  4. Cellullar Monitoring (no home phone service required) - $12.00

Bundle all the above in a package and SAVE $9.00

Bundle GSM Monthly Monitoring Rate is only $47.99


The above ADT Monthly Fee Options include Service Maintenance

If you see residential monthly monitoring rates below $30 a month... BUYER BEWARE!!!  Most often is is because the service maintenace is not included. Some security companies have their monthly fee low but make significant profits on the maintenance of the equipment.  With hourly charges for service of around $100 and charging you to replace equipment at retail prices, it does not take long for them make up for their lower monthly fee.

Other security companies who have a lower monthly fee may charge you upfront for all your equipment.  Some companies with lower monthly fees even just ship you the equipment and you are responsible to install and maintain it yourself. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

The ADT Monthly Fee for the Residential Bundled Packages and ADT Pulse Monthly Fee includes maintenance and replacement of faulty equipment. There is only a minimal $25 trip charge even if the service takes hours and the whole control panel needs to be replaced. It's fantastic to know you are not going to be charged hundreds of dollars for service on an ADT Home Security Sytem with Bundle Packages. You also do not have to worry about servicing it your self like you do with companies who ship you a security system in a box.

With ADT Monthly Monitoring Service you also get a Free ADT Monitored Home Security System ($850 Value). 

ADT Monthly Fee Contract Term in California

In California, you can lower the ADT monthly term from 3 years to 2 years. This is one of the shortest terms in the security industry for monthly monitoring service. A 2 year term with an included Free ADT Monitored Home Security System. Now that's an incredible value! And after the initial ADT Monthly Monitoring term is over it goes month to month.

If you do not like monthly payment plans, you do have the option to set up quarterly or annual payments with ADT. 

Some of the other security companies have contract terms as long as 5 years and many have automatic year long renewal periods after the term is over if you don't cancel prior to the end of the term. It's no wonder the intial cost seemed to good to be true.

With ADT, the Monitoring Monthly Cost is one of the best values in the Security Industry. It also makes sense to protect you family with the number one security company in America and without question.... that's ADT!

For more information about ADT Monitoring Service options call 1-800-310-9490.

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