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ADT Pulse Home Safety

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Sep 11,2012 @ 09:56 AM

ADT Pulse
home security is quickly becoming the standard for todays home security monitoring. It puts you in control of your home security remotely from work or anywhere you have Internet connectivity. This remote connection to your home security system gives you the added peace of mind knowing everything is ok at home. This especially gives parents who both work an added level of protection to make sure the kids are safe at home after school.

Whether you are a parent, travel a lot or simply like to know what's happening at home, ADT Pulse gives you instant control, automation and alarm event notifications of your home security system. From a computer or a mobile device with an Internet connection, you can remotely arm or disarm your security system from virtually anywhere. You can also receive emails and text notifications of alarm events and any device events. If you are on the go... then ADT Pulse is the perfect home security solution for your family.


ADT Pulse Remote ARM or DISARM

Did you know that more than half of the homeowners who have a home security system forget to arm it everyday? Well there is a simple solution and it's ADT Pulse home security monitoring. With ADT Pulse you can check to see if your system is armed or disarmed from a smart-phone or computer via an Internet connection. Whether at work, out shopping or on vacation you can check in to your security system and make sure it's armed. If it's disarmed you can easily arm your home security system from any mobile device that has Internet connectivity. 

Does your husband or wife forget to arm your security system when they leave the house? No problem... you can now arm it remotely. You can even setup an automatic email or text anytime your security is not armed between certain hours on any given days in the week. For example, on Monday - Friday from 10am to 4pm you what to be sent a text or emailed if your system is disarmed. How convenient is that. Now you never need to worry that your home has been left unprotected because you can be notified and arm your security system remotely.

If you want your handy man to get some things done at home while you are at work and do not want to give out your security system code, no problem. Just have them call you when they get to your home and you can disarm your security system remotely to let them in. Have them call when they are leaving and you can rearm your security system.

Combine ADT Pulse home security with ADT Pulse cameras and you can know check out what's happening at home remotely and verify alarm events and notifications.


ADT Pulse Provides Home Safety for Your Children

With so many families needing both parents to work to make ends meet, it is great to have a solution for home security when you are away from home. With ADT Pulse you can be notified when your children get home by having your security system send you a notification that your alarm has been turned off. If the kids are supposed to be home by 3:30pm after school, have your ADT Pulse system notify you at 3:45pm if the system has not been disarmed. You can then call them to see what's going on.

When you add ADT Pulse cameras to your security system you will now be able to remotely see what's happening as well. Check in to see that the kids are home and safe. ADT Pulse cameras are also a nice way to see if your kids are hounding your babysitter when your out for a dinner date. If you'd like to see what the kids are doing and check in, ADT Pulse cameras are a perfect solution at an affordable price.

With alarm device notifications, ADT Pulse allows you to be notified if the kids just opened the liquor cabinet or went into your master bedroom. By placing a door sensor on the liquor cabinet or a motion in your master bedroom you can be notified of any events for these alarm devices. With teenagers at home, ADT Pulse can really be useful.


ADT Pulse Provides Home Safety

One of the most dangerous things that can happen to anyone is for your family to come home to a burglary in progress. It is vital that you provide protection for your family so that this never happens. It the event your alarm goes off from a break in, your ADT Pulse security system can notify up to six people via text or email that you alarm has gone off. ADT Central Station Operator will also call your emergency contacts. This one benefit of ADT Pulse could potentially save the lives of your family.

One of the most important things about ADT Pulse is that it will help keep your family safe. Make sure you and your teenage children have a key chain remote with a police panic button. This gives them the ability to hit the police panic button from anywhere in the home and set off the alarm. With ADT Pulse you will be sent a text, emailed and get a call from the ADT Monitoring Center in the event of a police panic alarm or alarm event. 

ADT Pulse is the future of home security and home automation. You can even have your ADT Monitored Security System remotely lock or unlock your front door, turn your lights on or off, change the temperature, see what is going on at home with ADT Pulse cameras and cook dinner for you (don't we wish). If you are interested in learning more about ADT Pulse or would like to order it call 1-800-310-9490.




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