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7 Main Benefits of ADT Pulse Home Security

Posted by Greg Barker on Thu,Aug 22,2013 @ 02:08 PM

It is easy to understand that if you get home automation or video monitoring that the ADT Command makes sense, but what are the benefits of ADT Control if you just get the security system features only?


With ADT Control home security monitoring you are able to:

1) Remotely check the status of your security system

2) Arm or disarm your security system remotely

3) Get text and email notification of alarm events and emergencies

4) Receive reminders to arm your security system

5) See event history and user activity

6) Download iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

7) Manage your security system from your personalized web portal


These seven benefits make ADT Control the favorite of our customers and especially when it just adds only $5 to the monthly monitoring service. 




The ADT Command Gives You Security on the Go

With so many of us being connected to the world through our smart phones, mobile devices and computers, it makes sense that you should be able to manage your security system remotely and get immediately notified if an emergency happens.

ControlSecurityScreenOver half of the homeowners who own security systems forget to arm their alarm system daily. What good is a home alarm system if it is not on? With ADT Pulse you can remotely check the status of your alarm and arm or disarm it at any time. Spouse or kids forgot to arm your security system today... no problem. On vacation, sipping a Maui Tai and just remembered that you forgot to arm your home security system... no problem. You can even program the ADT Pulse system to notify you if the security system is not armed by a certain time each day or anytime the system is armed or disarmed. With ADT Pulse you will have peace of mind knowing that everything at home is fine from virtually anywhere.

The text and email notifications keep you in touch with what's happening at home. Be notified when something happens, when something does not happen and most importantly be immediately notified of all home emergency events. You program what and who you want to be notified of on your personal web portal. Be notified everytime your home security system is armed or disarmed, when it has not been disarmed by the time your kids are supposed to be home from school or when a certain door is opened or closed. You can be notified of all alarm events, security devices events and when you add Google Nest Cameras you will have the ability to attach video clips to your text and email notifications.


Managing Your ADT Command Home Security System

The ADT Command personal web portal makes the management of your home security system incredibly easy. It has a very user friendly interface with simple to understand dashboard and drop down menus. The iPhone, iPad and Android Apps makes remotely managing your home security system so simple. In fact, you will find yourself arming and disarming your security system from your phone even when you are home. 

You will use your personal web portal to program your security system automations and schedules. You can also review the history of alarm events and device events. From the web portal you can manage users and access of the ADT Command system. The web dashboard gives you a summary of your security system including the status, home view, today's schedule, devices and video clips and pictures if you have ADT Pulse cameras.



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