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Home Automation with ADT Pulse Security Monitoring

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Dec 11,2013 @ 02:03 PM

ADT Pulse is by far the most popular security monitoring service of our customers here in California. Eighty percent of homeowners who get ADT Pulse go with Level I which is the interactive remote security services. However, more and more customers are starting to move up to Level II (cameras with video monitoring) and Level III with home automation. Customers that get ADT Pulse Level III with home automation have the option to add lighting control, thermostat control and automated deadbolt door locks to the interactive remote security features and ADT Pulse camera options.

Once you have the ADT Pulse Level III system installed you will be able to add additional devices in the future. You can add ADT approved Z-wave devices like deadbolt locks, thermostats, light lamp modules, light switches and up to a total of 10 Wi-Fi ADT Pulse cameras. Many of our customers start with a base package of ADT Pulse home automation and add additional devices as they can afford them. For example, you could start with an ADT Pulse thermostat and a deadbolt door lock and then add full house lighting control in the future. What's is nice about ADT Pulse is that it allows you to expand your smarthome system to the level you want and can afford.

Let's look at some of the key benefits of ADT Pulse with home automation.


ADT Pulse Deadbolt Door Locks

The automated deadbolt locks provide you with added protection beyond the basic home alarm system. Since the front door is the main entry point of burglaries and more than 50% of all burglaries occur at a door opening, it is very important to provide a high level of security at the door openings. 

Some of the best security features of this lock is that it can be programed to automatically lock anytime you arm your ADT Pulse security system. It can also be programed to lock 30 seconds after the door is unlocked. Both of these feature help give you the peace of mind that the door is locked when it should be. No more... "did I lock the door" a few hours after being away from home.


What is nice about the ADT Pulse Deadbolt is the following:

     1) BumpGuard Technology provides additional protection against lock bumping/picking

      2)  Remotely lock and unlock your front door from almost anywhere via smartphone

     3) Monitor who enters your home (especially when combined with an ADT Pulse camera)

     4) Receive text or email alerts when the door is locked or unlocked

     5) Can program the doors to automatically lock whenever the security system is armed

     6) Keyless entry with up to 30 user codes

     7) SmartKey Re-Key Technology allows homeowners to re-key locks quickly and easily




ADT Pulse Lighting and Thermostat Control

With ADT Pulse lighting and thermostat control you will get convinience, comfort and energy savings. Both of these products will enhance your lifestyle while saving you money on your energy costs. The convience of programing from your ADT Pulse web portal is so easy. Set weekly schedules and program triggered events based on a device or a date and time. Also remotely control both from your smartphone, tablet or computer via an Internet connection.

ADT Pulse Lighting Lamp ModuleLighting control can be done with a lamp module (plug a lamp into it) or light switches.

Benefits of ADT Pulse lighting control:

      1) Energy savings

      2) Have lights automatically turn on at night went you enter your home

      3) Set lighting schedule for your vacation to make it appear you are home

      4) Set exterior lighting to turn on and off at certain times of the day

ADT Pulse Thermostat



The ADT Pulse thermostat will help you save energy by having an easy to use web portal to program your thermostat on a weekly schedule. You can also have your thermostat set to go to a certain temperature or turn off when you arm your security system to away mode. And with ADT Pulse's remote interactive services you can also remotely control your thermostat from your mobile devices or a computer with an Internet connection. No more worrying about whether you left the heater or air conditioning on all day and if you are heading to the cabin this weekend... heat it up before you arrive.



ADT Pulse Approved Z-Wave-Enabled Devices

Z-Wave-enabled devices are wireless home control products that have been designed to communicate with each other via low-power radio waves. Z-Wave devices and cameras currently approved for use with the ADT Pulse system include:

Sercomm Wireless Bookshelf Indoor Camera ICAMERA-1000-ADT
Sercomm Wireless Bookshelf Indoor Camera RC8021-ADT
Sercomm Wireless Outdooe Camera OC810-ADT
RCS Digital Thermostat TZ45
RCS Battery Powered Digital Thermostat TBZ48A
Jasco Dimmer Lamp Module 45602WB
Jasco On/Off Lamp/Appliance Module 45603WB
Jasco White Decora In-wall On/Off Light Switch 45609WB
Jasco White Decora In-wall Dimmer Light Switch 45607WB
Jasco White Decora Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
Jasco Light Almond Decora In-wall On/Off Light Switch 45709
Jasco Light Almond Decora In-wall Dimmer Light Switch 45715
Jasco Light Almond Decora Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
Jasco White Toggle In-wall On/Off Light Switch 45740
Jasco White Toggle In-wall Dimmer Light Switch 45716
Jasco White Toggle Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
Jasco Light Almond Toggle In-wall On/Off Light Switch 45760
Jasco Light Almond Toggle In-wall Dimmer Light Switch 45717
Jasco Light Almond Toggle Auxiliary Light Switch
(use with 09 or 07 in three-way applications)
Kwikset Deadbolt Lock Satin Nickel 99100-023
Kwikset Deadbolt Lock Venetian Bronze 99100-024
Kwikset Deadbolt Lock Polished Brass 99100-022
Linear Garage Door Opener Remote Controller GDOOZ-2


It is exciting that you now have the opportunity to get home automation at a very affordable price with ADT Pulse. To find out more or to schedule to have one of our Security Consultants come to your home to give you a free live demonstration of ADT Pulse, call us at 1-800-310-9490.




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