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ADT Home Security Key-Chain Remote

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,May 24,2011 @ 07:05 AM

ADT Key Fob Home Security Key-chain Remote

ADT Key Fob Remote Four Button Honeywell 5834 Keychain
One of the most convenient products for your ADT monitored home security system is a wireless key-chain remote. The ADT key fob remote makes your security system very easy and simple to use.

Unfortunately, many people who have a security system do not use it on a daily basis. Often it’s because they do not want to hassle with punching in the code. Some even fear having a false alarm do to user error using a complicated security keypad.  The key-chain remote simplifies arming and disarming your home security system.

The key-chain remote pictured has 4 buttons. One for arming in STAY MODE when you're home and one for arming to AWAY MODE when you're leaving the home. It also has a DISARM button to make it easy to disarm your system without the need to punch in your code.  The fourth button is a PANIC button which is like pressing the police emergency button on your keypad.


Home Security Keychain Remote is Convenient

A few of the convenience factors of the Key-chain Remote is that it eliminates the need for multiple keypads through out the home.  No matter where the keypad is installed, you have the ability to disarm and arm the security system from whatever door you’re entering or exiting the home and through out the home with your home security keyfob remote. With a PANIC button on the key-chain remote you can send for the police whether you are getting your groceries from the car or upstairs in bed.  The Key-chain Remote provides you police emergency protection in your entire home.  It works about 75-100ft from the main unit but it is not meant to be used down the street. Many customers get a Key-chain Remote for everyone in the family who is regularly arming and disarming the system.

Another thing I like about the Key-chain Remote is that when you’re on vacation you can leave the house sitter or dog watcher the remote.  It makes it easy for them to arm and disarm your ADT monitored home alarm system without you needing to give them your security code. You may want to call ADT to let them know you are heading on vacation, add a secret code word for the house sitter and possibly add or change who you want ADT to notify in case of an emergency while you are on holiday.

Key-chain Remotes, often referred to as “key-fobs” are one of the most popular parts of ADT home security systems today.  For most customers, it’s not a question of whether they want a Key-chain Remote, is normally a question of how many do they need.  With the convenience of having the remote with you, it just makes using your security system so easy and will help you get in the habit of arming your ADT monitored home security system daily.




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