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False Alarm Ordinances in California

Posted by Greg Barker on Mon,Jul 30,2012 @ 03:21 PM

False Alarm Ordinances 

False AlarmsFalse alarm ordinances are in place to reduce the number of fake reports that emergency resources respond to where they are not needed. This could potentially divert emergency personnel away from legitimate emergencies.  Most false alarms are due to user error and can be prevented. Some cities require homeowners to have a verified audio response system which helps to reduce false alarms. Police departments are starting to charge residents for false alarms. Make sure to register your alarm with your city and get an alarm permit!

The best way for you to reduce false alarms in your home is to train everyone who will be using the system. Since most false alarms are due to user error it is important to watch the demonstration of your installer on how to use the security system. It may also be important to read the User Manual or watch a video on the use of your system and various alarm commands. The use of key-chain remotes makes the system much easy to use since you do not need to punch in alarm numeric codes to disarm and arm the system. The key-chain remote makes it as easy to arm and disarm your home security system as it is to arm and disarm your car alarm.


Get an Alarm Permit if Required in Your City

Check with your city to see if they require alarm permits or registering of your home alarm. It is important to get an alarm permit if required because without one, some cities charge increased false alarm fees. Most cities will give you several false alarms each year but you must have an alarm permit in cities requiring one in order to receive the free police dispatch. 

False alarm fees are not charged by ADT. ADT does not have any penalties for having false alarms. Cities only charge you for false alarms if police are dispatched. The ADT Central Station operator will call you to verify the alarm before we call your local police department and dispatch police to your home. You have an opportunity to decide if you want the police dispatched. You can also set up your service to call multiple numbers before police dispatch to help further reduce the potential of false alarms.


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