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ADT is the #1 Home Security Alarm Monitoring Company

Posted by Greg Barker on Fri,Mar 11,2011 @ 08:44 AM

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Have you been looking at top home security company reviews? Is ADT the best overall security company in the United States?

For me it’s without question… YES! If not ADT, then who is?


ADT Authorized Dealer in California

My first introduction to the security industry in California was working with an ADT Authorized Dealer. In fact, my first ADT customer was a homeowner in Oakland, CA and I met with her in the afternoon right after her home was burglarized.  It was so soon after the break-in that the Oakland, CA Police Department was there taking a report of the burglary when I arrived. It was an amazing eye opener for me.  We installed an ADT home sercurity system that evening and she was happy to have a newfound peace of mind after experiencing a burglary of her home that morning.  I realized then that ADT was truly offering a valuable service to California homeowners.

Over the years I represented several other California security companies including local home security integrators, national and regional alarm monitoring companies, etc.  I’ve worked with home security companies throughout California that installed various brands of home security systems from a variety of manufactures.  Needless to say, I’m back with ADT and I am confident that ADT is the best security company in the United States and California.

Here’s why:

With ADT, once a customer always a customer. You never have to worry about about your security alarm monitoring service being sold off to another home security company.  When I worked with other smaller home security companies my customer’s accounts got sold.  I had my family members and personal friends whose accounts were sold off to another alarm company.  Imagine the call, “Greg, I just got this letter in the mail that says I’m with another home security company what’s going on,  I thought I would always be able to call you if I needed help.”  Me: “I’m sorry your account was sold, my hands are tied.  You’ll be serviced by the other alarm company until your contract term is over.  I’m very, very sorry!”

I have never had to apologized to one of my ADT customers because their account was sold to some other home security company. ADT has been in business for over 140 years and when you decide to become an ADT customer you’ll be confident we’ll be there for years to come to service your security system.  Needless to say, my family and friends are now with ADT and I’m proud of the service we provide them and my other customers throughout California.

ADT Monitors 7 Million Business and Home Security Systems

You can often judge a company based on their client list.  ADT protects over 7 million customers nationwide with home and businesses alarm monitoring service (more than the other top 99 security companies combined).  ADT helps protect 90% of Fortune 500 and almost 100 U.S Airports.  ADT also protects many governmental facilities and banks.

There is no doubt ADT has the finest comprehensive network of interconnected Customer Monitoring Centers strategically located throughout the United States.  No other company comes close.  Most other companies have one central station.  If there is a hurricane, tornado, flooding, power failure, etc they do not have additional monitoring centers to protect their customers.  With ADT, if one center has a problem, another immediately takes over for a continuous connection to ADT’s monitoring or dispatch support.  ADT is always ready with multi-tiered disaster preparedness procedures, Internal Disaster Management Program and all monitoring centers are networked to each other and backed by state-of-the-art telecommunications equipment.  We have centers throughout the U.S and Canada that are seemlessly interconnected.  When it comes to protecting your family and loved ones, ADT is by far the obvious choice.

ADT Home Security Guarantees                

ADT has exceptional service and the best guarantees in the security business. ADT offers a Money-Back Service Guarantee, Theft Protection Guarantee and a Mover’s Security Guarantee.  Most importantly when you need service we’ll be there!

And lastly, when you compare which is the best home security company for you to go with… price must obviously be considered.  It’s a balance of price, quality and value. When it comes to value, no one beats ADT.  ADT provides home security systems starting at $99 to the most sophisticated security systems available in the market today.  ADT also has multiple alarm monitoring service packages available.  I am confident you’ll be able to find a security package option that’s right for you.  And if need be, start simple and add enhancements when it’s more affordable for you.

Is ADT the best overall security company in the United States?

Obviously, for me it’s without question… YES!  For you… if not ADT, then who?

Assuming you agree with me that ADT is best security company in the United States. And knowing you deserve only the best to protect your home and family. Call now for a FREE Home Security Review and find out which ADT package is right for you 1-800-310-9490.

ADT: We Have the Technology.  We Have the Experience. We Have the People.  So you can have the peace of mind that comes from having ADT.





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