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See Why Security Cameras Are So Popular: Are They Right for You?

Posted by Greg Barker on Thu,Sep 15,2016 @ 01:23 PM

ADT Pulse Security Cameras and Video SurveillanceThe two main reasons cameras are being installed in so many homes are:

  1. Our mobile devices have given us the ability to remotely see what is happening at home from virtually anywhere

  2. The price for cameras with quality images has gone down significantly

Many homeowners in America have seen the value of having ADT cameras installed, but until recently only the rich could afford them. With technology increasing quality at a rapid rate and the price going down at the same time, almost every homeowner can afford a few security cameras. Over 40% of our customers are now getting at least one camera installed with the front door being the most popular location.



Live Remote Viewing and Recorded Video Clips

When homeowners first get cameras installed, they seem to often view their home remotely and show friends, family and co-workers their new toy. After a few short weeks, most homeowners do not have the time or need to remotely view their cameras live. Why? Because they use the recorded video clips to manage their home.

The recorded video clips stored in the cloud make it very easy for you to see events right after they occur or view them latter. With systems like ADT Pulse, 30 second video clips can be stored for 30 days and seen from your mobile device with an App or from your web portal on a computer. Triggered events like motion in front of the camera or an alarm event will trigger the camera to record a 30 second video clip.


Text and Email Alerts Sent with a Video Clip

The ability of the system to send you text and/or email alerts with an attached video clip makes the system very user friendly. Program what events you want recorded and want events you want to be notified of. I personally have my system send my wife and I a text anytime someone comes to the front door.

It is great when packages are delivered to see that your Amazon order was delivered on time and then receive another text if someone is snooping around your front porch. I had a plumber show up to my house 30 minutes early to our appointment while I was on my way home to meet him. I was able to call his company before he tried to sneak away and reschedule. We enjoy hanging out in the backyard for a BBQ and it’s nice to get a text when someone comes to the front door… can check to see who it is and if we want to invite them in.


Security Cameras Provide Safety

One reason the front door camera is the most popular location to start with is because it is very important to know who is at your front door before you open it to a complete stranger. Using your mobile device with the ADT Pulse App to see who is at the front door gives you an added layer of protection. On your computer, check your ADT Web Portal to see who’s knocking. The Touchscreen Control Center can be used within your home to view the front door video at all times. You always want to let strangers at the front door know someone is home, but in many cases you should not open the door.

Indoor bookshelf cameras can be very useful because you have the flexibility of unplugging them and moving them to a different location. Once they have power restored, they will find the system hub and reconnect for you to view. These cameras are fantastic for keeping an eye on the baby upstairs sleeping while you are making dinner. Or, move it downstairs where the babysitter will be watching the kids when you are out for date night. Many of our customers favorite thing to do with indoor cameras is… See what their pets are doing when no one else is home.

Home security cameras do help deter burglars because they do not want to be recorded. Cameras should not be your only security device to deter theft and intrusion. A monitored security system is your first step to preventing a break-in and it monitors your home 24/7. But adding cameras to a security system is a fabulous addition toward a complete home security solution.




Video Surveillance Systems with Digital Video Recording

Some homeowners want to have cameras with 24/7 recording. These types of camera packages come in a wide range of prices. A camera can cost anywhere from $50 to $2,000+ each and then you add the cost of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), programing and installation. You can find an pretty inexpensive 8 camera system online or at Costco for under $1,000 and install them yourself. So, how do you make a wise choice when it comes to installing a video surveillance system?

We have been installing security systems and cameras for over 15 years and we have tried all kinds of camera systems. We currently use Flir security camera systems for our cameras, NVRs and DVRs. Why? Because when we install them for customers, they are very pleased with the quality of the video they receive and they last for many years without any need for service. They are reliable! Of course with quality you pay more initially and often save in the long run because you are not replacing cheap cameras over and over again.


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Homeowners Top Choice for Home Security Cameras

ADT Pulse Cameras are being installed by the millions and are definitely a consumer top pick. The picture quality of the HD version is amazing! The interaction you get from having the cameras being part of your entire monitored security system makes them incredibly user friendly. They are very affordable and are under warranty for as long as you have the monthly monitoring service! If you want to get a few cameras installed and do not need 24/7 recording, ADT Pulse Cameras are a fantastic option.


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