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ADT Pulse is Home Automation and Security

Posted by Greg Barker on Fri,Nov 09,2012 @ 03:54 PM

ADT Pulse Ecosystem and Pulse Gateway HubADT Pulse is growing in popularity with homeowners as it provides the best security with ADT alarm monitoring, mobile remote security, cameras and home automation. ADT Pulse is setting the standard for the future of home security. The picture to the left is CEPro's version of what they call they ADT Pulse Ecosystem. Check out their article about the Architecture of ADT Pulse.

So how does ADT Pulse work? One of the reasons ADT Pulse is such a great security system is that a traditional security system is used for the security portion of the system. The security system provides the basic alarm functions and communication to the ADT Alarm Central Station Network. The mobile remote security features are controlled by the ADT Pulse Hub and communication is via the home Internet network to the iControl platform.

The WiFi security products including WiFi cameras and touchpads communicate to the ADT Pulse Hub. Z-Wave products including thermostats, light switches, lamp modules and door locks communicate to the ADT Pulse Hub as well. The security system communicates to the ADT Pulse Hub too.

The ADT Pulse Hub uses the home Internet network to sends signals to the iControl software platform. The iControl platform gives you the ability to see whats going on with your security and home automation devices from your mobile smart phone and computer with Internet connectivity. The iControl platform also gives you the ability to control your ADT monitored security system, security accessories and home automation devices remotely for your mobile device and computer with an Internet connection.


ADT Security Pulse Keeps Home Security the Top Priority

Some systems, like the Xfinity Home Security System, use a hub for the security system, WiFi devices and Z-wave home automation and security products. The problem, if the hub goes down you have no security for your home and family. With ADT Pulse, if the ADT Pulse Hub goes down your ADT Monitored Home Security System will still be able to communicate alarm events to the ADT Central Station Network. If the ADT Pulse Hub went down, you would not be able to use the home automation features, cameras or remote home security but your home and family would still be protected by ADT. Giving you peace of mind.

The ADT Pulse security system is a two tiered system. The security of your home is provide by tier one, an ADT Monitored Security System. Tier two, provides all the cool features of remote security and home automation. If the ADT Pulse Hub went down, you would still be protected by the tier one home security system. With Xfinity Home Security in California, if the Xfinity home security hub goes down you lose both the home automation features and your security completely.

With an ADT Pulse system, security devices like door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and smoke/heat detectors all communicate to a security system control panel. With the Xfinity Home Security in California, the door/window sensors, motion sensors, glass break sensors and smoke/heat detectors all communicate to the the hub. That is why if the Xfinifty security hubs goes down you lose the protection of your home and family completely. 


ADT Pulse Remote Interactive Services Over Cellular

At California Security Pro we install all three levels of ADT Pulse. Level one is the remote interactive services for the security portion of the system. It allows you to remotely see the status of your security system, ARM/DISARM your security system remotely and get alarm and device event notifications vis text and email. Level two adds secure real time remote viewing with ADT Pulse cameras. ADT Pulse level three adds home control and automation with thermostat and lamp module control remotely and via mobiloe devices.

We can use a DSC Impassa SCW9057 ADT wireless security system or an DSC 1832 Powerseries security system for level one ADT Pulse. With the DSC 9057 the level one ADT Pulse features work over cellular communication of the security control panel, there is no ADT Pulse Hub.  When we install the DSC 1832 for level one Pulse, the ADT Pulse iHub is needed.

For ADT Pulse levels two and three, we use the DSC 9057 or DSC 1832 with the ADT Pulse iHub gateway. With this system the ADT alarm portion of the system will communicate to the ADT central station network via cellular or standard phone line communication. The home automation, video monitoring and remote security features will be through the ADT Pulse Hub via internet communication. If you want two-way voice for audio alarm communication you will need a standard phone line to have this feature with the DSC 1832.

For more information call us at 1-800-310-9490 or schedule a free home security review to find out want your options are.




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