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Types of ADT Security Monitoring Service

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Jan 22,2013 @ 12:36 PM

ADT Monitoring ServcieADT Security offers ADT Monitoring Service to 7 million families and businesses. ADT Central Station network is a multi-tiered emergency platform that monitors for burglary, fire, medical and police emergencies. ADT has multiple Central Stations strategically located throughout the United States and Canada. ADT's Central Station network is prepared for virtually anything including natural disasters and ADT offers what many feel is the best security monitoring in the world.

How does ADT monitoring service work? When an ADT Monitored Security System detects an alarm event it sends a signal to the ADT Central Station network. An ADT Operator thens calls your local police department, fire department or ambulance services depending upon which kind of emergency you are having. The ADT Operator also calls you emergency contacts to let them know what is happening. 

It is important to note that the ADT Operator will try to call the premise of where the alarm is going off and your mobile phone before dispatching the police. This helps reduce false alarm calls and gives you the opportunity to decide whether you would like ADT to dispatch the local authorities.

There are four basic types of monitored security that ADT offers which include standard digital monitoring, two-way voice monitoring, cellular monitoring and ADT Pulse Remote Interactive Services. Let take a closer look at each type of monitoring service ADT provides. 


ADT Standard Digital Monitoring

This is the traditional monitoring service that has been available for many years. It requires you to have a standard phone line for your ADT monitored alarm panel to send alarm signals to the ADT Central Station network.

Very few of our customers get the standard digital monitoring anymore. Due to the fact that many homeowners are eliminating their home phone service, customer are now purchasing cellular monitoring. Less than 10% of our customer get the standard digital monitoring.

ADT Security Standard Digital Monthly Monitoring Rates

  • Residential Standard Digital Monitoring: $36.99 a month
  • Residential Standard Digital with Two-Way Voice: $42.99 a month
  • Commercial Standard Digital Monitoring: $39.99


ADT Two-Way Voice Monitoring

ADT often refers to Two-Way Voice monitoring as ADT Voice Connect. This monitoring service is available in combination with standard digital, cellular monitoring systems and ADT Pulse application.

How does ADT Security Two-Way Voice Monitoring work? Two-Way Voice technology provides you with speakerphone connection to ADT when an alarm is received by ADT, allowing for voice communication during an emergency.  It also audio verifies a burglary which creates a higher priority emergency, quicker response from local authorities and allows ADT security professionals to voice challenge the intruder.  

It also helps reduce false alarms. . It also helps in emergency situations by allowing you to hit the emergency panic buttons on your keypad or your keychain remote and talk to the ADT Central Station Operator "hands free" from anywhere in the home. You can give the ADT Operator important information about the emergency situation so the Operator can then pass the information to the local authorities in route to your home.

ADT Security Two-Way Voice Monthly Monitoring Rates:

  •  Residentail Standard Digital with Two-Way Voice: $42.99
  • Residential Cellular Monitoring with Two-Way Voice: $47.99
  • Residential ADT Pulse with Two-Way Voice: $53.99


ADT Cellular Monitoring Service

Nine out of 10 customers today are getting cellular monitored security systems installed. Most homeowners have already eliminated their home phone service or are considering eliminating it in the next few years. ADT Cellular Monitoring Service has nothing to do with your personal cellular service. The ADT Monitored Cellular Security System has the cellular technology built in and communicates to the ADT Central Station network cellularly.

Benefits of cellular security systems and ADT cellular monitoring include:

  • No home phone service required
  • Phone line cut protection (Standard Digital Monitored system's communication can be disabled by burglars cutting the phone line on the side of the home)
  • Cellular connection to the ADT Central Station is four times faster, just 6 seconds, than traditional dial up communication of a Standard Digital Security System. Seconds save lives in emergency situation 

How does ADT Cellular Monitoring work? Cellular security monitoring provides cellular connection to ADT’s network of interconnected customer monitoring centers.  It most often is setup as the security system’s dedicated means of communication which means there is no phone service required to connect to ADT. It can also be setup as a backup communication to protect from phone line communication being lost due to a burglar cutting the phone line.  90% of our customers today are getting systems installed that have cellular communication.

ADT Security Cellular Monthly Monitoring Rates:

  • Residential Cellular Monitoring: $44.99
  • Residential Cellular Monitoring with Two-Way Voice: $47.99
  • Residential Cellular Monitoring with ADT Pulse: $53.99
  • Commercial Cellular Monitoring: $45.99


ADT Pulse Remote Interactive Services

ADT Pulse is quicking becoming a fan favorite and the most popular choice of our customers. ADT Pulse Monitoring has three levels of monitoring. ADT Pulse Tier 1 provides Remote Interactive Services. ADT Pulse Tier 2 adds ADT Pulse Cameras and ADT Tier 3 adds home management and automation.

ADT Pulse Tier 1

Remote Interacive Services includes remote ARM/DISARM, text and email notifications of alarm events, scheduling, event history, iPhone, iPad and Android apps and your personalized ADT Pulse web portal.

ADT Pulse Tier 2

Adds the ability to integrate ADT Pulse cameras to your security system. Gives you the ability to view secure live video and record 30 second clips of alarm events. You may add up to 10 total cameras to your ADT Pulse Tier 2 security system. You can see what is happening at home from virtually anywhere from your mobile device or computer with an Internet connection. 

ADT Pulse Tier 3

Has all the above plus you can add on home management including thermostat control, auto door locks and lighting control. ADT Pulse Tier 3 is only available for residential security monitoring.


ADT Pulse Monthly Monitoring Rates


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