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New! Free Upgrade for your ADT Pulse Cameras!

Posted by Greg Barker on Tue,Jun 18,2013 @ 11:14 PM

A Special Announcement for ADT Pulse Customers - Motion Activated Cameras

This announcement came in the ADT monthly newsletter.

New motion sensing technology allows ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions customers to capture video when motion has been detected. This innovative new feature has been remotely downloaded for all Pulse customers who can now capture video based on motion detected from any supported camera and set up their systems to send emails or text messages when motion is present.


Cameras Currently Supporting Video Motion   Camera not Currently Supporting Video Motion
adt_pulse_camera.jpg ADT_Pulse_outdoor_high_performance_camera_(1).png ADT_Pulse_Camera_8025.gif
iCamera-1000-ADT OC810-ADT RC8021W-ADT

**Cameras installed by ADT are not to be used to monitor activity in or near a swimming pool or other body of water and are not a substitute for human supervision.

Setting Up a New Video Motion Automation for ADT Pulse Cameras

Setting Up Automations is done in our Web Portal, after logging in:

  1. Click the Automations tab, if it is not already displayed.
  1. Click Add Automation.

The Add Automation pop-up window appears.

  1. Select a trigger for this automation from the Trigger drop-down list. In this case you will select: Trigger: [camera name]Motion

The list of triggers available depends on which devices are installed at your site.

  1. Select an event from the Event drop-down list.

The events listed are directly related to the selected trigger, so there are no options on this list until you select a trigger.

From the Active drop-down list, select the conditions under which you want the automation action to occur.
  • If you select Always, the automation action occurs at all times and in all modes when the trigger event occurs.
  • If you select During Selected Times/Days, you can specify the times and days when the automation action is to occur (by default all days are selected). If you deselect a day, this automation action does not occur on that day, even if the specified trigger event occurs on that day.

If you want the automation action to occur any time the trigger event occurs, leave the default selection Always.

  • If you select In Selected Modes, you can specify in which security system states and modes the automation action is to occur (by default all states and all modes are selected). If you deselect a state or mode, this automation action does not occur while that state or mode is active, even if the specified trigger event occurs while that state or mode is active. It is important to note that automations will only be active when the system is in one of the selected security system states and in one of the selected modes at a given time. For more information about modes, see About Modes.

If you want the automation action to occur in all modes, leave the default selection Always.

  • Click Add actions.

The Add Automation pop-up window appears.

  • From the delay drop-down list, select the delay option you want to use for this action. For example, Wait 5 mins.
  • From the action drop-down list, select the action you want to take place when the trigger occurs.

If the action involves taking a picture or capturing a video clip, the resulting picture or video clip appears in the Cameras section of the Summary tab.

  • If you want to add multiple actions, click Add another action, and then choose the action's delay and action options.

For each additional action, the delay refers to the amount of time between the end of the previous action and the start of this action. If you want a set of actions to occur in a particular order with delays between the actions, you need to add the actions in that order.

  • Click OK.
  • Click Save.

You return to the Automations tab with the new automation added to the list.


Motion Activated ADT Camera Upgrade is Superb

This upgrade to the ADT Pulse cameras truly makes ADT Pulse a definite video monitoring solution that is perfect for homeowners and small business owners at a very affordable price. Most ADT Pulse systems with ADT Pulse cameras do not have a DVR so they do not record 100% of the time. The ADT Pulse video monitoring is designed for homeowners and small businesses to view secure live video and 30 second recorded video clips of event triggered events. Events can be a door opening, an alarm event or a recording at a scheduled time. What is fantastic about the ADT Pulse camera upgrade is that the triggered event for recording is a motion sensor built into the camera itself.

With this added feature you can have a recorded clip anytime someone comes to the front door or goes to the side gate. Business owners can get a video clip everytime someone enters a storage room or passes an area in the business. With the motion detectors built into the cameras you can also program the ADT Pulse system to send you a text or email notification of anyone moving in front of the cameras. With all the possibilities of the ADT Pulse platform, it truly offers a very good video monitoring solution at a very affordable price.





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