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Do Now! 6 Things to do When You Install an ADT Security System

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Mon,May 15,2017 @ 05:19 PM

Here is a common "day after" phone call at a ADT security company:

"Hi, my name is Happily Safe-Now, and you all came to install my security system yesterday. What things am I supposed to do now? I feel like I was supposed to do something specific. Can you help me?"

"Why YES Mrs. Safe-Now," I reply. "I most certainly can help you."

And we go on... 

While there there are very few things you MUST do after your ADT security system is installed, there are a few things that can make your life easier. Here are 5

1. See if your city requires a permit

2. Set up your account

3. Know that your monthly amount will have a pro-rated amount added in

4. Keep our phone numbers handy.

5. Test your system

6. Refer a friend

Six simple steps you can take over the next few days that will make your life easier and help you get the most ouf of your new monitored ADT security system. 


Verify if your city requires an Alarm Permit to operate a Security System in your area

The one truly MUST do item on this list is verifying if there is a permit required once you have us install your alarm. When the security consultant is out to your home, he'll cover most of this list. Then they'll answer all your questions, add anything that those questions make them think of and usually pleasant conversation leads to a host of other topics. We realize that for you, this can be a whole new world and for some, this is on the heels of a traumatizing event that prompted an urgency for home security. 

Checking for a permit is simple. CLICK HERE and then click the link for the city you live in. If you have to do this later when you're not near my nifty little link, just Google "Alarm Permits" and your city. Permit requires vary, some have a fee associated with them and some are more like alerting the city that you have had one installed. NOT getting a permit when your city requires one can be a bad idea. If there is a fee, it's usually small and the fines for not doing it can be very large. 


Set up your account

Your account is a customer service app you can download. It was created to allow you to do several things that you would have previously had to call ADT directly to do. If you'd like another yard sign, you can order it right through the app. You can do it at 3am in your pajamas if you like. You can also change your billing, verify and edit your emergency contacts list. Most homeowner's insurance companies offer a discount when you have a monitored alarm system. They will require you to provide a certificate of installation. Once your system is installed, you can use this app to provide the certificate.

Download the latest version of the mobile app

ADT  Pulse Voice App Download ADT Pulse Voice Android App Download


Know that your monthly charge will have a pro-ration

Again, the consultant covered this and your contract explains it, but after the monthly commitment is said over and over again, the prorated amount will look like a foreign number. It's also never quoted as an exact amount. You see, it's very much like paying rent, the first amount is always rest of the move-in month AND the whole next month.  We don't quote an exact dollar amount as it's always a possibility that you'll have a sick dog on install day and we postpone and then the new amount will be based off that new date. The thing to remember is your first monthly amount you see will be one month plus whatever portion of the current month is left. Any upfront cost of your installation will also appear as a separate amount. 


Keep our phone numbers handy

If you're new to alarms, there will probably be questions. Your security consultant AND your installer will usually give you a card for this very reason. You'll want to put their phone numbers in your phone.You can call them directly if you have any questions. Our office number is another number you might want to have handy.It's 1-800-310-9490. As your authorized ADT dealer, we will handle every single request you have for the first 90 days or initial warranty period. In this time, we'll come back out free of charge for any issues relating to the initial install. After the 90 days ADT takes over technical support but we'll still answer any questions you might have and we can easily transfer you to ADT if a service visit is needed. 


Test your ADT Alarm system 

With today's technology, security system almost run themselves. Especially when you get into ADT Pulse and Home Automation. Your alarm can set itself, turn lights on on schedule, check the temperature and do whatever you told it to do month ago when we finally hit a specified temperature. It's awe inspiring. Our grandparents would faint to see us talking to our household devices to arm and disarm a security system. However, it is still an industry standard for you to take a few moments to test your system. When it comes to home security, we are literally talking life and death, so there is no such thing as too sure. 

To test your system, you simply call ADT at 1-800-280-6946 and let them know that you would like to put your system "on test" for a specified amount of time and they will not send the police as you play with your system. One benefit of testing your system is to hear what an alarm sounds like, The last thing you want to do in an emergency is hear the siren for the first time and think, "What is that?" Alarm manufacturers across the board suggest testing your system once a week. 

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Refer a friend to get a security system like yours, get a $200 reward

Each and every representative here at California Security Pro aims to provide 5 star service. We hope that has come across with every interaction. Assuming we've met your expectation, when your friends and family mention that they are in need of a security system, set them up with the same quality service you experienced. We cover most of California with out 15 offices across the state. When you refer a friend or family member to ADT corporate or most ADT authorized dealer, they'll offer you $50 to $100. California Security Pro is so grateful for the high percentage of clients that regularly refer friends, we doubles out referral reward. And for the rare sweetheart that doesn't fell you should profit off helping a friend, we'll gladly credit the $200 towards your friend's install. If you have a friend that just bought a new house or had a new baby, chances are they're searching for a home security company to protect their investment. If you are a Realtor, click here and be a part of our Realtor program that offers concierge service for you and your clients. 

We are happy to have you as a part of the California Security Pro family. We hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we do. We realize that A LOT of information is covered from our initial phone call to installation and these post-install tips should help continue the "Peace-of-Mind" feeling that installing a monitored security system provides. Here's what one recent fellow client had to say about his experience:


5/4/2017 "go with ADT"   describe the image Yelp Review

The overall experience was a Five Star. Longdy and Sam were very informative on ADT and the use and ease of the system. If your looking for an alarm company, go with ADT and ask for Longdy and Sam.

 S J.Fountain Valley, CA   go with ADT.


If you have not yet experienced the California Security Pro's customer service and are looking for a security system for your home of business, call us for a FREE on-site evaluations at 1-800-310-9490 or click below and have us call you. We look forward to talking with you.




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