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$200 vs. $50 for an ADT Referral:Home Security Systems Refer a Friend Program

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Fri,Feb 19,2016 @ 02:03 PM

Our relationship... it usually begins unpleasantly. Something went bump in the night. There were foot steps outside your window. You woke to hear your car window exploding into a gazillion shards of mess. A pile on the street and morsels throughout the interior, some still hiding under the mat.

Or it wasn't that close to home. A break-in just one block over. That family that owns the 60 pound mastiff puppy. They brought a casserole over when the baby was born. They are good folk and they had a break in or worse, a home invasion. Possibly you didn't know them but it was on the news and it was literally too close for comfort. Your mind perked up, there was a quick courtship of companies, and you installed an alarm system. The discomfort of vulnerability was... well... comforted, now you and home security are an "us".

You've become a believer and proud owner of...

A COOL Alarm System! Especially if you've invested in an ADT Pulse system.

So what do you do now?


Remember that California Security Pro rewards you with $200 when you help your friends out...

Here's how this looks. You're excited when your system is installed. Once the installer leaves, you do a little jig, grab a glass of wine and poke all the buttons. You're happy and relieved. You tell your friends, "Hey, we got our alarm installed, we're really happy about it." If they were thinking about it already, they'll have more questions: How was the company? Is it easy to use? all the good stuff. For a few, you getting your alarm and your satisfaction will remind them it was on the list of responsible things to do.

But you know, without a recent break-in, birth of a child or other incident, no one is awake at 3am pondering the life altering difference between motion sensors and window sensors.

But then it happens. You're out with friends. You can't remember if you set the alarm. "Excuse me for a second, I can't remember if I set my alarm or not." App in hand, you double check. It's not armed. You arm it and go back to arguing over the Giants chances at the World Series this year. Their interest is peeked. "What did you do to your alarm?" You gush about your alarm. They want answers. You oblige:

  • "No... It's actually not as complicated as I thought it would be. It's super simple to use, the kids say we're cool now"
  • "Yes, there is an app. I can turn lights on and off with it, turn the thermostat up before I get home and check the cameras anytime I want. We're really quite happy with it"
  • "The Smart Home stuff is super fun! AND, we are saving on our energy because of it, who knew?"

They're on your line and reeling themselves in.

Now they're asking how they can have what you have. Easy! Refer them here.

And if you were installed by California Security Pro, you know they'll be taken care of. (If you weren't installed by California Security Pro, this is what our clients have to say about us.)


But other companies offer $50 for them as well, when I refer them to ADT or the "ADT Referral Plan"

Yep, That is the common referral reward. $50 for you, $50 for them. That's very sweet, right? It's also only $100. Let me say that again. $50 for you and $50 for them is only $100. Would you like to know what I think is sweet. $200.

We offer you $200 as a referral reward. Sure, we used to do what everyone else does with the $50 for everyone. Then we realized what a compliment it is that you trust us with your friends and family. Seriously, thanks! 

So let's just cement this in your mind. Other companies offer you $50 for your pocket and $50 for your friends. We offer you $200, even if you were not originally our customer, your lucky friend can be. Don't forget though, check out what our customers say about is. If you send them to a bad company so you can have $200, they'll dislike the company but I don't want to be there when the blame you. Lucky for you, California Security Pro has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings across the board, great BBB file, etc. AND we double the dough. 


So however you want to work it when you call, just call. Unless you hate talking on the phone like I do. Then click below and fill out the form. We'll set them up with a FREE on-site security review. You can see step by step what that entails here

And that $200 you receive, that'll be between you and me. If you feel like they should get something out of this (other than world class protection backed by ADT's 24/7 award winning monitoring,) then you can give them the expected $50, $100 or like many of our real estate friends do, they hand it all over as a new home gift. I even admit I am a sucker, my daughter got the whole $200 too. 

So click below and refer your friend today or remember us for later. When the time comes, Google $200 ADT referral, not $50.

I'll take my $200 please 

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