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ADT Command and Control the New Standard in Smart Home Security

Posted by Greg Barker on Wed,Jan 23,2019 @ 11:21 PM

ADT Command and Control 7" All-In-One Touchscreen

ADT once again sets the standard for home security with their new ADT Command and Control panel. This system is absolutely amazing and when you see the specifications of the panel you realize just how special it is. This ADT Command security system was just showcased at CES 2019 and is setting the bar for the smart home security systems of the future. 

The central part of this system that makes it all happen is the ADT Command 7" All-In-One Touchscreen Panel called the 7" AIO Security Panel (ADT7AIO -2). ADT partnered with Honeywell, The Power of Connect Home team, to create this next generation panel. Let's look at some of the highlights Honeywell has given about this panel:

  • This dynamic 7" AIO panel with its bright, full-color capacitive touchscreen serves as the central hub for security and home automation and simplifies security systems operation. Whether arming or disarming the system, bypassing zones or controlling home automation such as lights, locks, thermostats and more, the intuitive, crystal-clear graphics touchscreen and menu-driven prompts simplify the user experience. It even has how to training videos right on the panel to give users easy steps on how to use the security system.

  • Consumers can expect a delightful experience including local voice control, activity annunciation, Bluetooth disarming and integration with Amazon Alexa. The 7" AIO panel is ideal for new installations and upgrades and provides next-generation interactive security as well as RMR-generating services like two-way voice over LTE.

ADT’s Next Generation High Volume Panel Platform is a family of panels within a single platform that delivers reliability and scale. It is well suited to meet the unique needs of ADT residential and commercial customers.




ADT Command 7" All-In-One Touchscreen Panel Technical Specifications




250 Points/Zones/Devices supported

  • 128 wireless security zones
  • 232 Z-Wave devices

Maximum of 5 thermostats and door locks

8 Secondary touchpads/touchscreens

32 multi-button Keyfobs

  • Each fob can support 8 functions, but only uses One Zone

96 users

3 partitions

20,000 Event Log


7" (177.8mm) [diagonal] LED-backlit capacitive touch display
1024 x 600 pixel resolution, support for millions of colors

  • Intuitive easy-to-use touchscreen interface
  • Easy to understand icons
  • Menu driven navigation


  • Height: 5.77" (146.6 mm), Width: 7.90" (200.6 mm, )Depth: 1.06" (26.9 mm) and Weight: 2.10 lbs (0.95 kg)


  • 3 partitions


Input and Output

  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Sounder with 85 dB intensity

Connectors and Modules

  • Cellular module tray (end-user replaceable)
  • Internal backup battery module (end-user replaceable)



Cellular: Primary communicator

  • LTE Verizon: (700, 1700, 1900 MHz)
  • LTE AT&T: (700, 850, 1700, 1900 MHz), 3G Fallback (850, 1900 MHz)

Wi-Fi®: Device connectivity, central station communication
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n); (2.4 GHz); 2 x 2 MIMO
Z-Wave®: Used for home automation

Z-Wave module to support products using the Z–Wave protocol - 500 Series

BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy: Bluetooth Disarm via cell phone

RF6-Security Sensors: 2.4 GHz with encryption - 128-bit AES

Wiselink: Use with Motion Viewers (918 MHz)


  • SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology antenna to support encrypted two way wireless sensors


  • LTE: AT&T®
  • LTE: Verizon®


Captures photo of who disarmed the system with 640x480 photo resolution, 2MP camera and 68 degree viewing angle

Supports up to 8 Honeywell Motion Viewers



  • 10 chimes to hear when a sensoris tripped (ex: a door opens or closes)

Amazon Alexa Services Embedded

  • Provides flash briefings, weather, time, add calendar events, set timers, create shopping lists, answer general questions and many more capabilities (excluding music and book reading capability).

Supports ADT Amazon Alexa Skill

Native Voice Announcement

  • Listen to system state, sensor state, and more (e.g., armed away or front door open)

Native Voice–Assisted Scenes

Available Commands

  • Wake up
  • Bedtime
  • Leaving the house


  • English, Spanish, French (Canadian)



  • Supports 250 total zones
  • Supports 128 wireless sensors
  • Supports SiX Two-Way Encrypted Wireless Sensors Supports 5800/2Gig/DSC/ITI sensors with purchase of separate takeover module kit

Common Sensors

  • Intrusion
  • Sensor for doors and windows
  • Shock sensor
  • Motion detector
  • Occupancy/Motion detector
  • Glassbreak detector
  • Siren (Indoor and Outdoor)

Life Safety

  • Smoke detector
  • Carbon Monoxide detector
  • Smoke & CO detector Heat detector

Life Style

  • Water leak
  • Temperature


  • Supports a total of 8 wireless keypads or touchscreens

Keypad Operations

  • Arm and Disarm
  • Status of system
  • Seek emergency response
  • Sounds and voice announcements

Two-Way Encrypted Wireless Key FOBS

  • Incorporates Honeywell SiX Two-Way Wireless Technology
  • Supports maximum of 32 FOBs, each device typically assigned to one user
  • Each wireless key supports a minimum of 8 action keys

Bluetooth Disarm

  • Supports 6 cell phones with Bluetooth assigned to disarm the system based on proximity


  • Supports 96 system users

User Profiles

  • Installer
  • Master User
  • Standard User
  • Guest


Remote Programming via ADT Control

  • Program and test using ADT Control application from a smartphone, tablet or a web browser
  • Schedule and deliver software or firmware updates to all panel hardware over-the-air
  • Monitor system usage and activity
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

Anti-takeover Lock

  • Dealer-enabled technology that allows a controller and sensor to be locked so they cannot be taken over



  • Plug-in power supply
  • 110 VAC mains to 9 VDC with 2.5A output

Backup Battery

  • 4-hour (2480mAh) or 24-hour (7800mAh)


ADT Command Platform is Robust and Scalable

The ADT Platform is made to be very scalable. If will work perfectly for a homeowner who wants a standard security system or a customer who wants a robust system with home automation devices like lighting control, thermostat control, automated door locks and garage door control. You can also add life safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Voice command with Alexa is integrated into the panel and you can add the ADT Skill for Alexa.

This panel currently works with over 250 different smart home and security devices and it has the ability to add far more in the future. This panel is definitely the one you'll want installed in your home. It has the ability to be pair with a hybrid module to enable it to operate hard wired security devices. It can be used as an upgrade and control wireless security sensors of previous wireless alarm systems including sensors from Honeywell, DSC, ITI (GE Security) and 2GiG. 

This panel is certainly an amazing example of an incredible plan and product design. The world's finest security engineers and manufactures have come together to make this possible. But most importantly, you'll love this panel and enjoy it's easy of use in your home.

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