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Why is ADT Pulse Home Security Becoming a Customer Favorite?

Posted by Greg Barker on Thu,Jan 03,2013 @ 11:29 AM

ADT Pulse
is quickly becoming American's choice for home security and home automation. In October of 2012 we had about 10% of our customer's choosing ADT Pulse, in November it was 20% and December ended the year with one out of three customers choosing ADT Pulse to Protect their homes, families and businesses. Why are so many customers choosing ADT Pulse?

The reason ADT Pulse is becoming the most popular home security system we install is because of the mobile interactive security solutions. Having your smart phone and other mobile devices being able to control your security system remotely is what customers want. Being able to see the status of your security system from virtually anywhere and being able to ARM or DISARM it remotely from a phone or from your computer at the office it very important to our customers. Being texted or emailed of any emergency alarm event, system was just armed or disarmed or a reminder that you forgot to arm your security system today are just a few of the things customers want there home security system to do. 

Beyond the security system part of ADT Pulse, some customer's are choosing the option to upgrade with ADT Pulse cameras and ADT Pulse home automation


Which ADT Pulse Package is Most Popular?

There are three levels of ADT Pulse called Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. ADT Pulse Tier 1 is by far the most popular of the three levels with almost 75% of our ADT Pulse customers choosing this option. Pulse Tier 1 with a cellular wireless DSC 9057 Impassa is also very affordable with packages starting at just $199 installed. ADT Pulse Tier 3 is currently more popular than ADT Pulse Tier 2. It seems that once customers start to invest in ADT Pulse upgrades they want not only ADT Cameras but also the home management and automation benefits of lighting and temperature control of ADT Pulse Tier 3.

ADT Pulse Business Security Systems are also becoming the option of choice for small business owners throughout California. Being able to manage the security of your business remotely is a huge advantage for most owners. It is definitely by far the best option for security of a business and is also very affordable.

ADT Pulse Cost and Equipment Packages



ADT Pulse Services 

Family using the ADT Pulse keypadADT Pulse Tier 1 includes Remote Interactive Services which allows remote secure access, remote arm/disarm, email and/or text notifications of emergency alarms, scheduling, alerts and event history from any computer or mobile device via the Internet. ADT Pulse iPhone or Android Apps are also available in the ADT Pulse Tier 1 package. You also get your own ADT Pulse web portal. This platform gives you a customizable mobile interface to control your ADT Pulse security system and setup the functions of your security system the way that works for your family's lifestyle

ADT Pulse Tier 2 includes all of the benefits of Remote Interactive Services of Tier 1 and also adds the benefits of secure live video with ADT Pulse home security cameras. This allows you to see what's happening at home with live video from your mobile device or computer with Internet connectivity. If you what to capture a picture of what you are seeing it's as easy as a press of a button. You can also set up your ADT Pulse system to record video clips of emergency alarm events or anytime the system is armed or disarmed. You decide what triggered events will create a video clip based on your personal needs. ADT Pulse cameras are far more affordable than traditional video surveillance systems are a fantastic option for many homeowners and business owners.

ADT Pulse Tier 3 includes all the benefits of Tier 1 and Tier 2. In addition, Pulse Tier 3 includes home management and automation control of lighting, temperature control, door locks and will continue to add additional products in the future. Besides the convenience factor of remote home control, energy savings is at the top of the list. Setting up scheduled programs for temperature control can help you save substantial money on your yearly gas and electric bill. And of course, saving energy is good for the environment. For most customers, once you decide you want more than what ADT Pulse Tier 1 offers, it makes sense to have an ADT Pulse Tier 3 package install because it gives you a platform to build upon for all the future capabilities of what ADT Pulse will become. 

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