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ADT Monitoring with Two-Way Voice

Posted by Jarrett McAllister on Fri,Jul 05,2013 @ 01:24 PM

With all the new technical advancements such as cameras and apps for your smartphone, the most important feature when it comes to ADT monitoring is two-way voice.

Traditional ADT Monitoring

ADT monitoring traditionalHow traditional security monitoring works is when there is an alarm event, a signal is sent to a monitoring station. At that time, it is the security company's responsibility to check to see if it is a false alarm or not.  So what the companies do is call your home to see you if you're there and to see if you accidently set off the alarm. If you are home, you answer the phone and give them your password to verify that it was an accident. That's a good case scenario and great to know your alarm works when triggered.

The bad case scenario is that nobody answers the phone. At this time, if no one answers the phone, the security company will dispatch the police. The problem with this is that nobody knows what's going on at the time the alarm was triggered. All the monitoring station knows is that you were not there to say it was an accident.  By this time, the police have been dispatched and on their way not knowing whether this was a false alarm or not. These days, if you were to call the police and tell them that your neighbor's alarm was going off, it would not be a high priority. 

Two-Way Voice ADT Monitoring

ADT Monitoring Two Way VoiceOne of the best features that ADT monitoring services offers is two-way voice. How two-way voice works is when your security system goes off, it sends a signal to the monitoring station but rather than calling back to the home you actually connect live! The system voice challenges the intruder, "Halt you've been detected - what is your password?". At this time if it's an accident, the ADT Agent would just talk and need your password to verify it was, in fact a false alarm.  There is no need to go to the phone and speak with the agent. All verifications are done over the control panel speaker.

Now if the Agent doesn't hear the right password at this time, police is then dispatched. When speaking with the police, the ADT Agent is no longer just saying hey go check it they are saying, "hey, we can hear them in the home right now!!!". That is when you're going to get the fastest response because it's LIVE VERIFIED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY inside of your home. just imagine if you were at home and somebody had broken in. The last thing you would want to be doing is running to a phone ringing while somebody is in your home.

With two-way voice, the ADT agent will actually be able to hear what's going on at that exact moment.  If somebody was screaming, yelling or fighting, the ADT agent would stay live until the police got there. As you can see, by understanding what is going on during a particular emergency situation, this is a huge benefit to the monitoring company as well as the police. Just imagine, it is like OnStar for your home.

Medical Emergency Assistance with ADT Monitoring

ADT Monitoring for Medical EmergenciesTwo-way voice also works in the event of a medical emergency.  In the event that the medical panic button is ever needed and pressed, a live operator would come over the system and assist you while the paramedics are being dispatched. By knowing and understanding better what type of emergency, the agent can deliver this information to the paramedics which saves time and in the long run could save a life.

Now you realize the importance of having two-way voice monitoring with your security system. This truly is the greatest feature that ADT monitoring services can offer over and above our competitor's features. Having a security system without ADT monitoring with two-way voice these days just doesn't make sense. Call today 1-800-310-9490 to find out more information regarding two-way voice monitoring. 




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