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Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Monitored Security System

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Mon,May 15,2017 @ 04:55 PM

Four Reasons You Should Invest in a Monitored Security System.jpgHaving a monitored security system provides you peace of mind. It's unfortunate that working at a security systems dealer, we get phone calls daily because peace of mind has been shattered:

"I wish I had called you when we first thought about home security... now we've been broken into."

"My wife works from home and there have been 3 burglaries close to our home, I think it's time we had a security system."

"There was a home invasion on the news just miles from my home... can you come out today and give me a home security quote?"

and even some happy ones like:

"We've just had a baby and we need to assure she is as safe as can be."

Having a security system can provides peace of mind. Having a monitored security system provides greater peace of mind. Here's four things that a a monitored home security will do for you:

1. Lets you rest assured that even if you are not home, someone is watching out for fires, floods, carbon monoxide and break-ins. 
2. If you are at home, someone is else is responding to you can worry about protecting your loved ones. 
3. The system can alert you of trouble so you can take any actions you feel are necessary. 
4  .With ADT, you are monitored by a network of professionals. 

ADT's monitoring station network is alert and waiting 24/7 to respond to your emergency. 


Rest assured: When you aren't home, your monitored security system is watching out for fires, floods, CO and break-ins 

Having sensors in your home to alert of emergencies is great. A smoke detector can wake you up before the fire is upon you giving you vital time to respond. Flood and carbon monoxide sensors alert you that there are unseen dangers and usually that it's time to get something fixed. But if you are not at home, chances are that fire would need to be seen from the street before someone else will call and get the fire department headed your direction.  

With a flooding basement or carbon monoxide leak, a neighbor is probably not going to do anything at all. People loose pets every year when people believe they have done what they should by installing a carbon monoxide sensor. If you are not home, and Fido is inside, he can fall victim to the gases before someone returns to find the sensor beeping. A monitored system means that someone is on the other end of the line to not only notify you and send the appropriate party to and save your burning, flooding or poison filling home.  See how an ADT system save the helped this Virginia family escape a home affected by a faulty water heater leading carbon monoxide. 


If you are at home, someone is else is responding to you can worry about protecting your loved ones. 

If you've ever experienced a house fire, you know that things go from scary to catastrophic in nano-seconds. What about carbon monoxide, without a sensor, there is nothing to respond to, it's an odorless, clear killer. But when your sensor does sound, your first thought is to get everyone to safety.

What if a masked or even unclothed intruder arrived in your home? Not only will a monitored security system make noise that will alert you of a danger, in the case of an intruder, it can throw them off and provide the seconds you need to get to a safe place. In all events, when an emergency presents itself, no matter how much you love your home, your only thoughts will be of how to protect it's inhabitants. Two legged and four legged. 

Having a monitored system means someone else is sending authorities. Your only job is to get our loved ones to safety and let ADT do everything else. When you do finally get everyone to the tree you agreed to meet at when a fire comes, you'll hear the fire department pulling in to do their job.  See how an ADT system save the lives of the France family when a disturbed and naked intruder ended up in their home wanting to hurt them. 


A monitored alarm system can alert you of trouble so you can take any actions you feel are necessary. 

With an ADT Pulse monitored alarm system, you can set up alerts to text and/or email you when there is activity at your home. You might not want ADT to spring into action for every situation. while it would be nice to verify your kids got home safely every day, it might not be information you see a need or even would want ADT to keep an eye on. Even if your kids DON'T come home on time, it's probably best to get a text or email that they aren't home by 5 so you can call their best friend and see if they just "forgot" to tell you they weren't coming straight home. You know kids! 

When you have an ADT Pulse system, you can set up for sensors to alert you if they are or even are not opened. You can set this for just when you are away, for certain hours of specific days or all the time. Perhaps you want a texted every single time the liquor cabinet is opened, or a gun safe, or even you home office. Alerts can be set up for a list or reasons and triggered by any device connected to your system. Give us a call at 1-800-310-9490 to learn more about ADT Pulse or click below and we'll call you. 


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Another benefit is that a monitored alarm system can be set-up to protect specific areas of the home. For example, if people sleep upstairs, the system can be set up to only activate if there is a disturbance downstairs, or users can choose to just arm windows and doors. This functionality is not commonly found in alarm systems sold by hardware and electronics stores.


With ADT, you are monitored by a network of professionals. 

ADT is internationally the top security company. One reason, of many, is that ADT has 6 monitoring stations. What good is it to have a monitoring station if it is susceptible to the events going on in your area. If there is a large earthquake your companies central monitoring station is unreachable due to the the earthquake or lines to tied up to put that many calls into the local area, what good is that to you. With strategically located monitoring centers locate across North America, you are quickly rerouted to anther if one were to be affected for any reason at all. Does that waste valuable time you ask? Not at all. When you call cousin Jesse in Arkansas, the connection feels just as fast as when you call down the street. 

ADT also has some of the most rigorous training in the industry. You can rest assure that you are getting a trained professional every time you reach ADT. With a local company like California Security Company, you are not only getting the comfort of a local company that is a part of your community. You are also getting ADT, the leader in home security and it's monitoring center network to respond to your every need. 

If you would like to learn more about monitored security systems or have a free security review, call us at 1-800-310-9490 or click below and set up your free security review. 



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