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ADT Pulse Cameras: Five Ways You are Protected When You Are Not Home

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Thu,Feb 12,2015 @ 03:51 PM

ADT Pulse Cameras are your secret weapon against crime when you leave home. You can't be at home to protect your belongings and loved ones 24 hours a day. Even if you passionately uphold the 2nd amendment and are amply qualified to protect your family when you are around, at some point you will have to leave your home. Here's five ways your camera system helps you feel secure that things are taken care of when you are out.


Use ADT Pulse Cameras to Assure Everything is OK

adt pulse cameras give Travelers Peace of MindCameras are generally installed to catch things happening. Things like shady people casing the neighborhood or a burglary in progress. But it is comforting to know that nothing out of the ordinary is happening. With remote access, your home's activity or non-activity is accessible at any hour and from anywhere. Go ahead and verify that the kids are doing home work and not having a food fight or that Fido is vigilantly standing watch. It's the next best thing to being at home, when you can't be at home.

Your ADT Pulse Cameras can also text or email you to verify that something happened so there is no need to stop and check. Did the kids come straight home from school?  Is your classic Thunderbird still in the driveway? Your system can take a peek and let you know. You can also set up an alert to text you if something "didn't" happen. For example, receive a text saying that the dog walker did not come between 2 and 3. Your home security cameras keep an eye on things when you're not around and notify you of activities that you decide are important .


Use ADT Pulse Cameras to Verify Deliveries

Easily verify deliveries while you are out. If you are waiting for important documents, office supplies or Valentines Day gifts, you can check to see if they arrived from any web-enabled device. With your ADT Pulse Cameras set to automatically record motion, your camera records 5 seconds before the trigger and 25 seconds after so you catch the whole event. Set up an email or text alert to notify you immediately that a recording of motion on your porch has happened with an attached 30 second video clip of the event.

When a package is deleivered, have a neighbor or friend grab it before it attracts attention. If someone does try to swipe your package from your porch, they're caught! Check out the link below where a Walnut Creek family used their front door camera to catch a thief that had stolen their package in broad daylight.  

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With ADT Pulse Cameras, You Can Track Suspicious Activity

Typical camera systems rely on 24 hour recording to catch activity. Let's be honest, are you giong to daily watch 24 hours of video recording? Chances are you won't until something actually happens. Since your Pulse cameras are set up to record only when there is motion or another triggering event, your are not only more likely to review your clips, you are also going to notice suspicious behavior. You will notice if someone stops in front of your house daily or someone is checking out your house a little too closely. This gives you and your community opportunity to prevent crimes before they happen.

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Whether your concern is Oakland Crime, Anaheim Crime or crime in any other city, cameras supply information that keeps you and your neighbors in-the-know, which can further reduce opportunity. 





ADT Pulse Cameras Deter Many Criminals and Catch Other Thieves Red Handed

The goal is to not get burglarized at all, right? Having a security system sign in your yard automatically makes you 300 times less likely to get broken into. Having a surveillance system as well further decreases those odds. Some brazen thieves will attack a home even when they see your security sign, hoping to grab something quick and run like heck before authorities arrive. Knowing that a camera is recording your every move can make a so called "smash and grab" less appealing. 

If an entry is made, the system siren will sound, the police will be notified and your camera will take a 30 second clip based on the trigger of your choice. Cameras can be triggered by motion, the door opening, or even the motion detector inside the door. Since the cameras records the 5 seconds before the trigger, you get it all. Installing cameras at your home and business has been known to not only put thieves behind bars but recover stolen property as well.

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Burglars caught on surveillance cameras are far more likely to get caught and posting videos to social media sites like and Facebook have assisted in many criminals being recognized and prosecuted.


ADT Pulse Cameras are Backed by ADT

Your ADT Pulse Cameras are integrated into the top home security system in the nation and protected by the monitoing of ADT's Monitoring Center Network. It's the most comprehensive alarm monitoring available and is trusted by over 6 million families like yours. Your cameras provide you peace of mind, being able to verify that all is well at home, track deliveries, monitor community activity and catch thieving scoundrels, anytime you are at work across town, away on travels or simply running errands.

When you are not there, ADT is. See inspiring ADT customer testamonials on YouTube where families credit their ADT system and ADT response times for saving then from fire, Carbon Monoxide poisoning, life threatening home invasion hostage situations and more. 

Here's what one customer had to say about his ADT Pulse Cameras:

"This helped cause community awareness in our neighborhood."

Danny Tresierras was great! He was very professional and listened to our needs and suggested the best way to protect our home and family. Within days of installing the system, my husband and I saw in our front door cameras 2 strangers walk onto our private  property. We had access to this right away on our phones. I shared the video from the security system with the neighbors, the local police and social media sites. This helped cause community awareness in our neighborhood. I have referred Danny to my neighbors, friends and family and highly suggest you get this system and deal with Danny! Safety is number 1 and so is Danny and team at ADT. Deanna R., Santa Clarita, CA

When it comes to your home, you want the confidence that it is secure when you’re not there. With 24/7 monitoring ADT is always there. With professionally trained, rapid response teams, you can rest easy knowing your home’s security is always in ADT's capable hands. 

To learn more about ADT Pulse Camera systems or set up a No Cost In-Home Security Review call 1-800-310-9490.



















































































































































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