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ADT Pulse Lamp Module: Remote Control of Lights and So Much More

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Tue,Jan 26,2016 @ 03:08 PM

By far the most versatile device in the ADT Pulse arsenal is the lamp module, also called an appliance module. With this module, you control the electricity flowing to anything as long as it is not over 600 watts. PADT_Pulse_Lamp_Module-1.jpglug in the outdoor Christmas lights and schedule them to turn of automatiocally. Or turn on when someone walks by the camera. Pretty spiffy stuff.

They also increase the strength and signal for other z-wave devices. Z-wave devices are rated to "talk to each other" for a distance of 65 feet of open air. Each additional Z-wave device you install will act to extend the signals throughout the home.

This lamp module can be used to increase the strength and signal for other z-wave devices you want to add to your ADT Pulse system. All z-wave devices are tested to work at 65 feet through open air. The amount of walls and the type of walls reduce the distance. The more devices you add the stronger the signal and distance it will reach in the home or business. - See more at:

Appliance modules come in indoor and outdoor versions with dimmer or on/off functionality. For purposes of this blog, we will focus on the on/off style. The on/off appliance module, is limited in use only by your imagination and a 600 watt maximum capacity.

Using your ADT Pulse small appliance or lamp module

To use the module, you only need to plug the module into the wall and plug our device into the outlet on the module. It's a simple toggle operation, meaning the module connects or disconnects the electricity that flows to what ever you plug into it. Let's take a lamp. Perhaps you would like to control the lamp that is in your front window. You will unplug the lamp from the wall, plug the lamp into the Z-wave controlled side of the module and then plug the module into the wall.

Your lamp, or other small apliance stays in the "on" mode and electricity to it is now controlled by the module. Your power to the lamp is now controlled through your ADT Pulse system and can be put on a regular schedule, be part of an automation (so it triggered to togel on or off by activation of another device or event) or set up as part of a mode. That also means it can be controlled by any Internet ready mobile device by using the ADT Pulse App.

Here's a few ways you can use it:

  • Set the lights to come on daily at 5pm or a different time every day. This can be part of a mode or just your daily schedule.
  • Set a ceiling or attic fan to rotate air whenever the air conditioner or heater comes on.
  • Create a randomized schedule of light, television and or radio activity to make your house appear occupied when you are not home.
  • Have the coffee pot start coffee 10 minutes before your alarm goes off. (This works for coffee makers that have an on/off button that can be left on.)
  • By plugging your media centers surge protector into an appliance module, you can turn off electricity to the entire media center for the hours that everyone is sleeping.
  • And my personal favorite, have it blast heavy metal music if the liquor cabinet is opened. (don't forget to put a camera on this one!)

And so much more. The appliance module is the only device that it's actual purpose is left up to you.


Other convenient features include:

  • Outlets on the sides of the module so your entier outlet is not blocked by the module.
  • The module also has a second outlet on the 2nd side so you gain a 3rd outlet on a 2 outlet plate. Only one is controlled by the Z-wave.
  • Modules lay flush with the wall. The outlets are on the sides of the module plugs are not poking directly into the back of furniture.
  • modules have a manual switch right on them.

The module switch is great if you are sitting next to an appliance and it would make no sense to go get a mobile device to turn the light (or other appliance) off or on.


Adding a Lamp or Appliance module to your ADT Pulse web portal

You will need to have selected an ADT Pulse plan that includes automation, not just remote access with cellular monitoring. If you don't remember, go to your "Systems Tab" and select: "Manage Devices" then "Lights, Thermostats & More" from the drop-down menu, make sure that you see the Jasco Plug-in On/Off Appliance Module. If so, you are set.

If you know that you can install a lamp module, proceed with these steps.

  • Bring your module close to the ADT Pulse gateway for pairing purposes. (Do this before plugging in your lamp or appliance.)
  • Log in to your ADT Pulse Web Portal
  • Select the Systems Tab
  • Click the large "Manage Devices" button
  • Select "Lights, Thermostats & More" and follow the instructions.
  • When asked to press the sync button, press and release the button on the module for it to pair with the system.
  • Now you can plug in your appliance to the Z-wave controlled device on the module (the one with the Z-wave icon by it) and plug it into the wall.
  • Test it manually with the button on the module.

You are now ready to use your Z-wave module how ever you see fit. For instructions on how-to set up schedules, automations, modes and alerts for your new module, click the links.

If you are not yet experiencing ADT Pulse's Home Automation features, Set up your FREE Security Review and see what you are missing or call us at 1-800-310-9490.



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