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With and ADT Apps You Are in Complete Control

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Fri,Aug 21,2015 @ 12:10 PM

ADT Security Systems puts control of your home in the palm of your hand with and ADT's mobile apps. Whether you want to update your emergency contacts at lunch or check-in on the babysitter while boarding a plane, your ADT system lets you make account changes or system adjustments in multiple ways. Find the way that works best for you.


Manage your ADT account with gives you access to your ADT account without having to pick up a phone. The app offers you all of the same abilities from your mobile device. You can access at any hour and from anywhere to manage the following:

  • Add, edit and delete emergency contacts.
  • Manage verbal security passwords.
  • Go paperless.
  • View your alarm activity.
  • View and pay your bill or sign up and manage EasyPay.
  • Print certificates for insurance.
  • Order yard signs or decals.

You can even sign up for "travel alerts" that will remind you 48 and 24 hours before a trip to make any changes necessary to your emergency contacts list. If you still forget, don't worry, there's an app for that! Download the app and handle it when you get to your destination. Click below to sign-up or Log-in:


ADT Security System Apps; Security on the Go App

All the features of on-line portal from your mobile device. Use the same log-in and manage your account on your lunch hour at work or at 3am in the morning. mobile app demo video here.

ADT  Pulse Voice App Download ADT Pulse Voice Android App Download

ADT Pulse App

With a layout that mimics your on-line portal at home, your ADT Pulse App gives you control of your home and ADT Pulse security while on the go. Download it to your Android or Apple Device and access your home from anywhere and at any time. Check the status of and arm or disarm your ADT Pulse System, update the status, see if your ADT Pulse lights got left on, adjust your ADT Pulse Thermostat and unlock the doors right from you mobile device. Never again do you have to drop everything because your teenager or spouse lost a key or you forgot that the in-laws were coming. Home control are now at your fingertips no matter where life takes you. See Android ADT Pulse App demo video here and Apple ADT Pulse APP demo video here.

Now with integrated voice control 

You talk, your house listens! With the ADT Pulse upgrade 7.0.0, you control you home from you mobile device hands free. Your log-in uses biometrics to recognize your voice from only your pre-registered phone with your unique phrase to ensure only you can access you home's account. You can check the status of your home, arm and disarm your system of adjust temperature, lock and lock doors, control lights, access video feed or activate modes using simple voice prompts. It's hands free control of your ADT Pulse system. See the ADT Pulse Voice Demo here.

ADT Pulse iPhone App Download ADT Pulse Android App Download


ADT Canopy powered by ADT

ADT Canopy is awareness, security, and peace of mind – all in one place. The Canopy app lets you stay in touch with those who mean the most at the push of a button. Whether you’re walking alone at night and need some reassurance or need to find emergency services near you, you can check-in virtually, pinpoint your location, or send a shout-out. Here's other features:

  • "Call 911" connects you directly to emergency services.
  • "Safety Alarm" lends a helping hand in audibly warding off possible crime.
  • Organize Groups and send a Shout out, group message of check-in..
  • Use the Map to see where your friends, family, or employees are, or locate gas station, hospital or police stations.
  • and more...

Enjoy a FREE TRIAL of the chaperon feature and take the unrivaled peace of mind of the leading security provider with you – day or night. Access a live response adviser that connects you to safety, security and emergency services should you need them.


ADT Canopy App Download Apple Store ADT Canoy App Android App Download


 ADT Web Portal

Although your personalized Web Portal is not an app, it is where you do the initial set-up of certain features before they can be used in an app. Your Web Portal log-in becomes your ADT Pulse App log-in. These features are set up in you ADT Web Portal and can be controlled with apps:

  • ADT Web PortalSet up your Home View diagram of your home to have direct links to each device.
  • Set up modes that trigger multiple actions with just one command.
  • Set up text and email alerts to be automatically notified of events with your system.
  • Setting schedules and setting up automations cause actions to happen at specified times or when other things happen, use an app to make one time adjustments to these automations. 

The personalized Web Portal gets amazing feedback for it's ease of use. A few clicks define your needs and your are ready to go. Once your alerts, modes and Home View are set up, control your home from the palm of your hand, even if your hand is on vacation in Aruba. With and ADT's various apps, you have complete control of your home security and home automation devices in the way that fits your lifestyle. For more information or to schedule a FREE Home security Review call 1-800-310-9490.




Editor's Note: This post was originally published on September 19th, 2014 and revamped and updated to take into account the ADT Pulse Update 7.0.0


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