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Posted by Taniqua Pino on Wed,Sep 17,2014 @ 04:19 PM

With ADT Pulse being our most popular system, many people start looking at ADT Pulse Cameras, and who wouldn’t! ADT Pulse cameras are a great way to turn up the security in your home without spending a lot of money to do it. If you act fast, the ADT Pulse Level III includes a free indoor camera with installation.

When one of our security consultants comes out for a FREE security evaluation, you will see a demo of the Pulse Cameras in action and get professional assistance customizing a home security solution. (See here for package cost and equipment options)


The Web Portal makes ADT Pulse Cameras Simple to use!


One thing every new camera owners say is how easy the entire system is to use.  Your installer will come out and install your cameras where you decide they should go. Then we will help you set up your on-line Personalized Web Portal and let you takeADT Pulse Camera Systems your cameras for a spin. Once your on-line account is active, it can be accessed by the web portal or on a mobile device using the ADT Pulse App or ADT Pulse Voice App.  Once logged in, you can access the Home View which is a diagram of your actual home with the installed devices marked at appropriate places. Clicking on one of your cameras here takes you to live feed from that camera. Icons at the botton let you start a recording or take a snapshot while viewing live feed.


Below the Home View are your saved clips and pictures. You can set up your cameras to automatically take 30 second video clips at specific times or triggered by an event such as motion near the camera or even something another device does like the front doors unlocking.  Captured clips and pictured are stored for up to 30 days. Possibly the coolest feature is setting up text and email alerts. With a few clicks in your alerts tab, get instant notification of important events. Do you want a video clip of who is opening the front door when everyone should be at work? And obviously you need to know the second a break-in occurs, not hours later when you get home! Add a video clip of the event and you can help put burglars behind bars!


ADT Pulse Camera Systems are Easily Installed and Expanded


Wireless cameras are a cinch to install. Once you pick the location, they are either attached to a wall with a couple screws, so they wiggle,  or just set where they go (which means you can move them if you feel the need.)  That means that if your budget doesn’t allow for all the cameras you want or after some time, you feel the need for another camera, it’s a fast and easy to have someone out to install more.

The other option is to do-it-yourself. As long as you already have a Pulse Level II or III system, most people will be able to follow the steps and add a camera.  Make sure to purchase an ADT Pulse approved compatible camera (see list here.) Then log into your Web Portal, click the Systems Tab, select Manage Devices, Select Cameras, then just follow the step-by-step instructions. Then if mounting them, use the supplied screws and anchors to install. HINT: Don't get hasty and install them first, they need to connect to the ihub to be learned in AND you will need a cat5 (Ethernet) cable that does not come with the cameras.

To get more information or schedule your FREE In-Home Security Review call us at 1-800-310-9490.



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