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ADT my account and Simple Explanation Here

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Mon,Jun 06,2016 @ 09:35 AM

There seems to be great confusion between the terms and my account with ADT. Commonly that's phrased as ADT my account. Let me assure you that neither is an actual term other than with ADT, you do have an account. Now that you can breathe a sigh of relief, we'll take a look at what your ADT account is comprised of
and what is and clear up the confusion. didn't exist or if you are not yet aware of it, you'd be saying, "What company the size of ADT doesn't have an app so I don't have to actually call them for trivial stuff." Well, there's an app for that. covers many customer service aspects of life with ADT from an app. Order an additional yard sign, check your bill cycle, you know, that stuff. Here's the obligatory bullet list of items you can do on

  • Print a certificate for your insurance company.
  • View and pay your bill.
  • Go Paperless.
  • View alarm activity.
  • Manage emergency call list.
  • See the type of system you have and find links to user manuals and and system demo.
  • Manage contact numbers of your emergency contacts
  • Find your ADT verbal password. 

It's very simple to navigate, and you no longer have to try to remember to call and switch what bank account the monitoring comes out of before you leave work but after the most important client meeting of your life. That's always a toughy. Check out this blog for instructions how to set up your account.

ADT my account

As mentioned, that's not a term anyone is expecting you to remember for someone to understand you. You quite simply have an account with ADT. It can be looked up in a few ways with information you are sure to know, like your name and address. For certain things you'll need your verbal password. DON"T PANIC, you can hop into your app and grab it.  And by the way, if you call in, we pretty much assume you are calling about your account so you don't even have to explain that to us.


ADT online account and the ADT Pulse Web Portal with Homeview

With the app, you can view your alarm activity and some will call that their on line account. If you have a standard alarm with us, you will just need the one app. If you have an ADT Pulse system, you will also have an online account to manage your system a bit more intimately. On your PC, it's called your Web Portal. You will use it to set up your home automation features like setting schedules for lights to come on and off and more. Here's some of the functions:

This and more is done with your on-line portal. Check out this blog:  ADT Pulse Web Portal: Here's Your How to, Video Demo and WIIFM... for a more detailed look at your ADT Pulse Web Portal. The ADT Pulse app is the app version of your web portal that lets you see and manage your devices, but setting up functions like automations and such is limited on the mobile app. 

Essentially, you have 1 account, you can use an app to perform customer service type actions by yourself and it's called, simply located on the web at With an ADT Pulse system, you still only have one account, however you can use for customer service features and you also have your Web Portal when on your PC and the ADT Pulse mobile app when you are not home. Figuring out your account(s) with ADT is a topic that gets close to 1000 searches a month. Hope this clears it up for you!

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