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10 Reasons Why ADT Wireless Home Security Will Win You Over

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Thu,May 21,2015 @ 01:21 PM

Wireless Home Security is the best solution for most homes. But is it right for you? Unless you've moved into a home already pre-wired for security or you are currently in construction on a new home, a wireless system will save you a big headache!  Check out this blog for pre-wired homes or wiring during construction. Otherwise, in the majority of other situations, a wireless alarm system will keep the smile on your face. Here are 10 situations you avoid by choosing a wireless home security system for your un-wired home.

Wireless Home Security Benefits for Inside Your Home

10 Reasons Why ADT Wireless Home Security Won Me Over#1 No demolition here!

Have you ever done a remodel in your home? Or visited a friends' home or a business during remodel? Picture that, just to retrofit your home with a hardwired system. With a hard-wired or wired alarm, a wire is run to each and every device in the home. Some wires will be able to run under carpet or behind finishes, but inevitably, some wires will require opening the walls and sometimes floors to get wires to the door and window sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors and any other device you choose. A wireless panel requires just one wire ran to your home's power supply to assure the system is always powered. 

While piece for piece, hardwired equipment will save you a few bucks, adding in the labor costs quickly eats those savings and can double, even triple the cost of your system. 

#2 It's 2015. You might not have a land line...

It's a growing trend to ditch the land line and rely solely on mobile phones. Traditionally, security systems used your land line to call into the monitoring centers and report activity. Not only was this method slower than cellular connection, burglars quickly realized cutting the phone line as it enters the home disconnects your home from the outside world. Modern wireless systems offer the option to communicate via cellular connection to ADT's monitoring center network. Many clients realize this and drop their land line monitoring like an old Motorola Razor. (Remember those?)

If you have opted to not keep your land line, there are several cellular based options for you.

#3 Quick and Easy Installations

Your wireless system installation will take about an hour or two for a moderate system and up to a day for a decked out ADT Pulse, home automation system with multiple cameras, keypads, door locks, thermostats and light modules. There is occasionally an exception but you can expect to fully deck out your home in the latest home security decor with a minimal time investment. To add alarm wiring to an existing property takes from a few days to a few weeks.

#4 Expandability and Easy Upgrades

It's great to move into a home with an existing security system. In many situations, the existing equipment can be utilized by merely swapping out the panel for an up to date one. You then have some devices already in place at no additional cost to you. Adding additional wireless devices is a snap, so expanding your system is a snap! Whether your existing system is hardwired or wireless, you can add additional devices quickly and simply, and there's still no demolition.

Let's say you already have a pretty complete security system in place. Use the money set aside for home security to add cameras or automated door locks so you can let verify it's the dog walker at the door and let them in without giving them a key? When you choose an ADT Wireless Pulse system, you can upgrade now and have the option to add more devices like an additional cameras or lamp modules by yourself. How's that for a systems that is easy to expand?

#5 Battery Powered

I know what you are thinking: batteries? a benefit? hmmmm. It's not like batteries in your kids toys, they last 3 minutes and then you have to decide whether the kid whining for new batteries or the toy itself is more annoying. Alarm device batteries last 3-5 years. The door you open 10 times a day will wear out a little quicker than the basement window that stays closed. Either way, it's a long battery life that protects you and your security system from being vulnerable to power outages. Your panel checks with each and every device hourly to make sure it is working and has good battery life. When there is a low battery, the panel will tell you and you have a few days before the situation gets urgent. If you are the procrastinating type, don't be shocked when ADT calls you about the low battery. 

The main panel is plugged into a power supply as a back-up so you never have to worry about its battery going dead.

#6 Affordable Cost

Piece by piece, hardwired equipment is a little less expensive... that is until you add in multiple days of labor to put that equipment in. Wireless devices win hands down in the cost department because labor is so minimal. California Security Pro offers a flat fee for installation no matter how much you have installed. Take advantage and put your technician to work, it won't cost you any extra! We also offer a price match policy. if you find any price for comparable equipment and installation, we will meet it. We certainly don't want you feeling like you have to sacrifice great customer service or go with a company that charges you extra for nights and weekends, just to save a few bucks.

We're constantly told that our equipment page already offers the best prices? We might be able to help you out even more, check out current specials HERE.


Wireless Alarm System Benefits that work Inside and Outside Your Home

#7 Home Automation

Home Automation might be better than the invention of sliced bread. New apps can find you a best price on any item in a millisecond and your car can now tell you that the tire pressure is low and it's affecting your gas mileage. Automating systems to interact with us makes your hectic life one bit easier! Home automation brings all this potential into the systems in your home. Using home automation, you can lower your electricity bill by monitoring your energy consumption or trigger your doors to lock when the alarm system is armed. Mobile apps allow you this control from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Home automation makes your regular home a smart home. That, by the way, makes you a smart consumer. It's a new day as you interact with your systems as never before.

#7.5 (Bonus Point) Using Modes with Your Home Automation

Abra Cadabra! I command the garage entry to the home to unlock, exterior lights to come on and the security cameras to send me an email of who is entering when the garage door is opened. That's magic!  We generally arrive home, grab a suitcase or a kid in one arm, juggle things to un-lock the door, and then do the rest. Modes cause multiple actions with one command. This specific arrive home mode might be activated by opening the exterior garage door between 4 and 5pm to correlate with the time you usually arrive home from work. Presto, you are greeted by the home set the way you like it. You might even want the thermostat to check the temperature and turn on a little heat if it's cold.

Creating scenarios like vacation modes that tend to your thermostats, door locks, security system, and surveillance cameras give you needed peace of mind so you ca truly relax while you are vacationing. Your system will even send you text and email alerts of what did or didn't happen. Modes save you the time of setting up multiple actions every time you are out of town. See it in action here...

#8 Cellular Connections

I mentioned no land lines already. Here's how it affects you outside your home. Having the phone line cut is not the only hazard of relying on a land line for home security. Relying on the phone line means that your phone number is programmed into the panel and the panel accesses it to call out. So what if you change your number? You guessed it, no connection. If you follow manufacture instructions and test your system** regularly, this will show up when you do. What about an issue in the street and the phone company comes out and has to temporarily unhook your phone? Yep, the connection is sometimes interrupted if they don't hook it back exactly how it was before... you might not even know they did work. Neither of these scenarios is common, but it shows that the more reliable connection to the monitoring station is an alarm that has its own cellular communicator and connects directly to ADT. You will also be happy to know that a cellular connection takes about 6 seconds compared to a land line connection taking up to 24 seconds.

#9 Mobile Apps

When was the last time your hands were full and you needed to open the door? Or you ran in with arms full of groceries and threw them on the counter so you could rush over and disarm the security system? Mobile apps allow you to control your alarm remotely or right before you get out of your car to unlock, disarm and turn on some exterior lights, before entering you home. They also allow you to control or just check-in on your home from your office in another city or your vacation home in Tahiti. 

Have you ever wondered if you forgot to arm your system or turn the lights off when you left for work? Your ADT Pulse app allows you to check-in, verify and arm or turn off lights with a couple clicks. Do you want to check the cameras and see why your teenagers aren't answering the phone when you call? Your ADT Pulse Voice app gives you hands free access to your system and video feed with voice commands. See it here.

#10 Keep in Touch

For over a hundred years, home security protected you and your home while you're there and reported to the authorities once you left. Most monitoring stations would call you if an event happened but if you were out, you had no way to verify exactly what was going on. 

Our most common wireless system, the ADT Pulse system, creates a personal relationship with your home. Accessing your system by any internet connection shows you exactly what is going on with your home. You'll see what Pulse enabled lights are on, if the doors are locked, what the temperature is and if the heater is running needlessly. See if your alarm is armed or disarmed, and change it if need be, all from anywhere in the world. Surveillance Cameras provide live video feed of covered areas of your home or exterior. Setting up text and/or email alerts let you tell the system what events you want to be alerted to immediately and the system will contact you. Even if you want to know an event did not happen like the kids not getting home on time or the dog walker not showing up. Communicate with your home security and home in a way never before possible.

Join the conversation below and let us know how you are using your wirelss system.

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**For instructions on testing your security system, check out paragraph 3 of this blog: How to Survive a Fire with ADT Smoke Detectors.

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