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Crime in California and Home Security Systems in California

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Wed,Dec 03,2014 @ 12:16 PM

Crime in California is on the lips of many California residents this time of year with many headlines pointing to Oakland Crime as the worst city in California. However...  "The FBI released its annual Crime in the United States report earlier this month, headlines throughout California read that the city of Oakland was the most “crime-ridden” city in the Golden State. However, a deeper dive into the numbers reveals that when it comes to overall crime rate – violent crime incidents plus property crime incidents per 1,000 people – it’s Emeryville that actually has the highest rate of crime in the California. Eureka in Humboldt County is next. Oakland is third.- Read more at NBC News Bay Area.

Whether your city is 1st, 3rd or even 40th, California as a state ranks in the top third worst states for crime. Even with an overall decline in crime, there were 1,018,907 incidents of property crime in California for 2013. For every 100 residents, 2.7 homes had a property crime. Larger cities in California average 2,658.1 property crimes per 100,000 people. These numbers have many people turning to home security to protect the things they work so hard for.


California Crime Decreased Slightly in 2013, but Not Everywhere and Not Enough!

Crime in California and California Home Security

California’s overall crime rate has decreased. However, some areas saw a substantial increase. The state’s highest rates of both property and violent crime were in the San Joaquin Valley. Headlines like Stockton Crime and Bakersfield Crime are all too common in San Joaquin Valley where they had over a 10% increase in property crime from the previous year. The combined San Francisco and Oakland Crime rate is almost nine times higher than the rate in the Sierra County which has the statewide lowest crime rates.

A total of thirteen counties saw the violent crime rate increased by more than 10%, while seven counties—including San Francisco at 20.7%, saw increases of more than 20%. Six counties experienced increases of 10% or more in property crime, and rates in two counties, San Francisco and Sierra, rose by more than 20%. (statistics compiled from the FBI - Crime in the United States report)


How Does a California Home Security System Help Prevent Crime in California?

For one, statistics show that  homes without burglar alarms are 300% more likely to get broken into. Merely having a home security system goes a long way to prevent crime from knocking on your door. There is a burglary reported 15.8 seconds and an average loss of over $2,000 and home invasion burglaries are increasing. Despite the decrease in crime, those numbers are staggering proof that the problem has not gone away. 

If there is an attempted break in, the first thing a thief will realize is that the sign and stickers are not a bluff. Your alarm will sound a loud siren letting a thief know that the alarm is going to alert authorities. 

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Your average thief will grab a few things and run. The outcome here ends up to be far less than the average $2000 loss. If you plan to always arm and disarm your system with a key-chain remote, you might want to ask if your system allows for a button to be programmed to arm to "Away"  with no delay so that the siren sounds the moment an intrusion is detected.

Systems like ADT Pulse offer deadbolt locks that protect your family from lock bumping, a popular practice that works to unlock many standard locks with a universal type key. See the video here. ADT Pulse also offers affordable surveillance Cameras and automated lights switches, dimmers and light modules that help an empty house appear inhabited. While automated features make your life easier and save money by offering more efficient energy management, video surveillance adds peace of mind and results in criminals being prosecuted.

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Having ADT Pulse Cameras can also help you be proactive about your home security. You can receive text and email alerts when people are close to your home which can allow you to notice suspicious activity and report it before it becomes a crime. 


Protect Yourself Against Crime in California with an ADT Home Security System 

The decrease in California crime is definitely of some comfort, however, last year 1 in every 27 homes still experienced a property crime. It's no wonder many homeowners are turning to ADT for a home security system to protect those they love and their hard earned possessions. Alarm monitoring with ADT's monitoring center network is the best alarm monitoring available. Get your Free* Home Security System with ADT monitoring service. If you have an existing system in your home, you will receive $850 of free upgrades to your existing wireless or hardwired security system when you get ADT Home Security Monitoring Service (we will upgrade security systems manufactured by DSC, GE and Honeywell/Ademco). You can also get the latest home security technology and home management with an ADT Pulse upgrade. 

Whether you are looking for a home security system in Oakland, a home security system in Los Angeles or a home security sytem in San Jose, California Security Pro is you local ADT Dealer. With 8 locations, there's a neighborhood security specialist ready to help you in most parts of California. We install ADT home security systems and ADT Pulse monitored security systems throughout Southern and Northern California including these major cities and surrounding areas: Los AngelesLong BeachAnahiemSanta AnaRiversideBakersfieldSan JoseSan FranciscoSacramentoOakland and Stockton. California Security Pro's unique advantage is that you get the service of a local security company, backed by the most reliable Security Monitoring Center Network of ADT. 

To learn more or set up a No Cost Home Security Review, call us at 1-800-310-9490.




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