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Four ADT Pulse Tips: Change Your Life When Traveling or Out

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Sun,Jan 04,2015 @ 11:19 PM

ADT Pulse keeps you and your home safe and secure, even when you're not there. When thinking about the new year, you may be thinking about where you will be traveling this year. You may have your mind set on distant sandy beaches, a cruise, a European vacation or weekend getaways. Where ever you plan to travel this next year, protect what matters most throughout the upcoming season with the unique features of the ADT Pulse home monitoring system.

ADT Pulse Light Schedules Make an Empty Home Look Lived In

You got your ADT Pulse system as an investment in your family's security. Don't let having an ADT burglar alarm take the place of other safety measures for your family. Most thieves are looking for an easy target. They will case your neighborhood looking for evidence you are not home. Unlocked doors, open windows and even garage doors can provide a quick entry. Make it a habit to close and lock all doors and windows. Making it look like you are home when your away also helps.

When you are out, have an ADT Pulse light schedule set up that turns lights and/or TVs on and off. This gives the appearance that someone is home. You can choose to have lights turn on and off at specified times or at random times during a specific time period. Our blog on modes has step-by-step how-to instructions for setting up a lighting schedule as part of a "Vacation Mode." It's a great schedule to use anytime you step out, vacation or not.

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Setting up modes, schedules and automations. can be intimidating and seem difficult when you haven't done it before. With a video, step-by-step instructions and screen shots, you'll be a pro in no time and mighty glad you did!


Check Your ADT Pulse System Status From Anywhere and at Anytime

You already know that alarm monitoring with ADT's monitoring network is world class. Make sure to arm your system when you travel so ADT is there when you can't be. If you happen to forget, check the status of your system by logging into your on-line web portal on any web enabled computer, or use one of the ADT Pulse apps. All use your same ADT Pulse log-in. The ADT Pulse app layout is similar to your on-line portal so you can easily check your system status and arm or disarm as needed. This is a great feature for letting your pet sitter or the cleaning lady in. With the ADT Pulse Voice App, you have the same functionality using voice prompt to activate your requests. Whichever app suits you best, ADT Pulse provides a total of 5 ways to arm and disarm your ADT system remotely.


Use ADT Pulse Video Surveillance & Alerts to Stay Involved in the Action

Surveillance Cameras aren't just fun and cool. Although they most certainly are; they also put bad guys in jail. ADT Pulse Cameras can be triggered by motion,ADT Pulse is Home Security for Your Travels or Celebrate at Home so you get video clips of protected areas only when something happens. View them while you are traveling or around town. There is a much better chance of noticing suspicious activity with the motion activated clips that an ADT Pulse camera provides, than if you are scrolling through hours of recorded video. Catch someone casing your block or checking out your empty home and prevent burglary before it happens. Sites like allow neighbors and local police to share information pertinent to your community. This is helping areas take a stand against local crime.

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The next thing you need to do is set up text and email alerts for your ADT Pulse cameras and security. For peace of mind, start with these email or text alerts when you travel:

  1. Video clips of every person that steps on your front porch.
  2. Get a message if the thermostat falls below 50.
  3. Video of anyone that opens a door.
  4. If motion is detected inside the house.
  5. If carbon monoxide or smoke is detected.

Your system comes pre-programmed to send out alerts for any alarm events so your covered there. If you have other ideas, post them in the comments below and help someone else stay safe for the holidays.

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Again, don't let setting up alerts intimidate you. With step-by-step instructions, screen shots and a video, you can tell your ADT Pulse system to check-in with you while you relax and enjoy your travels.


Use ADT Pulse Energy Monitoring and Keep Money from Flying Out of Your Pocket

ADT Pulse Thermostats help you monitor and adjust heating usage in the colder months. Checking the temperatures while you are out running errands or off on a trip allows you to appropriately manage your energy consumption. While you might be in an area where you can't turn your thermostat off due to freezing temperatures, you sure don't have to heat the house continually to prevent it. You can set up an automation that raises the thermostat to 60 only if it drops below 58 degrees. ADT Pulse Light schedules help manage energy costs as well. 

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From all of us here at California Security Pro, we want to wish you a happy, peaceful and most of all SAFE New Year! Whether you are using your ADT Pulse system to monitor home security remotely, make your home looked occupied while you are out or help the kids capture video of Santa on Christmas Eve, ADT Pulse systems helps you to fully monitor all aspects of your home digitally and with ease. ADT Pulse is by far the coolest smart device this season! If you or a family member have not had your system installed yet, give the gift of peace of mind this year!

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