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What will ADT Pulse Cameras do for Me?

Posted by Taniqua Pino on Thu,Aug 07,2014 @ 07:10 AM

Here at California Security Pro, people ask us all the time,  “What will an ADT Pulse Camera System actually do for me?” Well, the amazing thing is that it does a lot more than most people think! Take a moment and imagine your dream camera scenario… seriously, stop reading and think of all the things a camera should do to make your life easier....

So as long as you aren't expecting it to make gourmet coffee, you're probably going to get what you are looking for. Does your camera system let you check-in on your seeping baby while you are at work? See who is at the front door before opening it? Better yet, without you having to get off the couch? Did it let you see the kids arrive home safely and actually start their homework? If you have a break in, or even a close call, does it email you a video clip of the event? Maybe you’d like a text if the gun safe, alcohol cabinet or your man-cave door opens when you're not home or sleeping?  And obviously if you have a business, wouldn't you like it to watch people count money? They do all that and more…


What is an ADT Pulse Camera System?

Your ADT Pulse Camera system is a power packed home security system with integrated ADT Pulse Cameras. The addition of cameras takes America’s number one ADT monitoring service and elevates it to even new heights of incredible. Not only is your home being monitored by the same company as 90% of fortune 500 companies, you can watch it happening anytime and from anywhere! Once installed, you can access your cameras from your web enabled PC, your  Android  device,  iphone  or ipad. ADT monitored cameras offer you and your family many ways to feel safer and to get more involved in the security of your home.

You now have real time video surveillance of the parts of you home that you choose. Simply log on and view whenever you like. Take snapshots of what you are watching or trigger a 30 second recording of what you are viewing. It will record 5 seconds before activation and 25 seconds forward. By logging into the ADT Pulse portal, set events that will either email and/or text the 30 second clips. Whether you want to see everytime someone steps on your front porch, enters the front door or receive a notification if someone doesn't come home between 3 and 3:30, it's up to you when you want to see what.

ADT Pulse Cameras Fit Any Budget

ADT Pulse Cameras are a cost effective way to bring video surveillance to your home. ADT Pulse CamerasWith traditional systems, cameras attach to a recorder, usually a DVR.  A four camera system can easily run you $3500 and up (way up!) This option is available with California Security Pro, However, for most people, an ADT Pulse Camera system will more than meet your current needs. A clear benefit of having video that is specific to triggered events, is not spending hours scanning video for your event. Additionally, ADT has found that most new camera owners view the home at random times for about 2 weeks, after the newness wears off, users rely primarily on the clips.

Getting started with ADT Pulse Cameras is simple. As with all our services, California security Pro offers a FREE, in-home, Security Evaluation. We will have a Security Consultant come to your home for a Free review to help you plan for the level of protection that is right for your family. Your ADT Pulse System will include 1 FREE Indoor Day/Night Camera and a FREE hardwired or wireless Security System with $299 due at install.

Customize your package with a thermostat in place of your indoor camera or upgrade to an outdoor camera or ADT Pulse Door Lock for $100. Your ADT Indoor Pulse Cameras can be permanently installed or bookshelf cameras that can be moved as your needs change. Perfect to view your new baby now and a side door later. All additional cameras can be fixed or bookshelf. You can even add a bookshelf camera to the system yourself, sparing the cost of a technician. Simply purchase a camera and log in to your personal ADT Pulse website at Once you have accessed your Status page, click the System tab. You will see an icon in the upper-right area labeled "Manage Devices." Simply select this icon and follow the installation wizard to enroll your new device into the system. With the latest update, you push the button on the camera and the system will find it and do the configuration for you.

What else can the ADT Pulse Camera System do?

With your ADT Pulse Camera System, you can now add lighting control, climate control, and control of your door locks, making all these systems work as one. Using the ADT Pulse Apps that are available on all levels of ADT Pulse protection you can have the home of the future today. Setting up “modes” gives you even more control and convenience. For example an “Arrive Home mode.” Use the ADT Pulse Voice App to activate it as you pull into the driveway, simply open the app, speak your security phrase, then say “Arrive Home Mode.”  The app will reply with confirmation that the mode is being activated. Arrive Home Mode can trigger your front door to unlock, your security system to dis-arm, perimeter lights to turn on if it’s after 8pm, entry hall light to turn on,  camera to email a 30 second clip to you entering that gets emailed to you and your spouse, and the heater to raise the temperature if it’s below 65 degrees. All by one hands free command!

In the above example, the cameras are sending a video clip of you entering your own home.  This might seem like an strange request, however, the essence of a security system is security. Many home invasions start outside with the resident being forced into the home and little opportunity to alert someone. Having cameras as a part of your Home Security provides a layer of protection previously unavailable to many. If you are ready to have that added protection to your home today or ready to have someone walk you through the options for your home, call us today at 1-800-310-9490 or fill out our easy form below.



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